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    New York City - N-400 Timeline - Naturalization Experiences

    My interview happened on August 23rd, was based on as Asylum based Green Card. I got to 26 Federal Plaza in Manhattan on time and sat down. About 45 minutes later, I, along with 5 other names were called and asked to come through a door. We were led into another smaller room and asked us to...
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    How about Newark Asylum Office?

    That is a very general question. Each Asylum Officer is different. When I applied for Asylum back in 2004, the Newark Asylum office was actually in Lyndhurst, NJ, right off of Rt 3. I still remember my immigration officer's name. She was INCREDIBLE. She asked the right questions to solidify...
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    can I visit Hongkong if my COP is China?

    Good luck getting a VISA for HONG KONG from CHINA. Your country of claimed persecution. Hahaha..
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    Lawyer's comments on visiting home country after asylee adjustment

    Just because someone has spent a certain amount of time being on this forum does not make them an expert on this subject. And who is anyone to say that this topic shouldn't be discussed any further as immigration laws and polices change ALL the time. With the risk of being accused of...
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    Asylee N-400 Interview Experiences and 2009 Tracker

    Let me be the FIRST to congratulate you!!!! I'm so happy for you and it would have killed me to refuse not taking the oath the same day. :) Although you definitely did the right thing by letting her know that you can't take the oath till your anniversary date. I didn't exactly follow your...
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    Financial aid to asylees/New request

    LOL!!!! You just made my day.
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    Please help, F1 students applying for Asylum!

    Whatever you do, do NOT fall out of status. Falling out of status is considered very serious and I' not sure why your lawyer is telling you this. The only think I can think of is that if you fall out of status and your case is denied. It goes to an immigration judged. Then the lawyer has the...
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    new ayslum seeking needs advice about whether being on status while applying or no

    I'm not sure what your lawyer means by telling you to go out of status. It sounds dangerous to me but then again, I'm not a lawyer. It seems really incorrect to me. Please remain in status as much as you can. If it was a good lawyer, they would not be worrying about the appeal but only be...
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    does this mean i cant get a visa anymore???

    This is incorrect. You applying for refugee status will OF COURSE affect your chances of getting an F1 visa for being a student. As an F1 applicant, you have to demonstrate that you have enough ties to your home country and will return after the course of your schoolwork. If the consular...
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    Germany to Austria/RTD

    Dear someone2007. Please be careful in taking people's advice on this forum. There are many naive assumptions that posters are making in this thread. There is a HUGE difference in having your country of origin be Austria and passing through the border without any checks than to be an asylee...
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    Traveling Outside the US As Asylee applicant ,Asylee,LPR through Asylum

    Depends on where he is going though. Be careful and verify your entry requirements before you go "abroad."
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    how long does it take to obtain a Refugee Travel Document after granted asylum

    Ok, we get it, stop rubbing it in!! :) Srsly, am very happy for you. I hope you get it ASAP.
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    Even after 3 month, havent received the Asylum application Receipt number...please help

    That is absolutely ridiculous. Do you have a copy of your application with all supporting evidence? How long have you been trying to contact him? Can you go see him at his office? Get a copy of the filed application? I would take that with you and make an INFOPASS appointment with your nearest...
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    Even after 3 month, havent received the Asylum application Receipt number...please help

    That is very strange. If you had a competent attorney, he should have mailed your application with a Return Receipt confirming by the postal service that the applciation was received. If he sent it FedEx or UPS, you (or your attorney) should get the tracking number and see online and check if...
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    Indian visa after us citizen

    It's because a democratically elected government is suppose to do the bidding of it's citizens, not the other way around. A democratically elected government does not control and systematically try to kill off an entire ethnic group of people who belong there in the first place. What are...