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  • HELP!!! got Approval Notice That look Strange Please Read and Respond
    hey guys Guess what this is very strange
    i got 3 day ago mu LUD Approval Notice sent about I485 ......bl-ha blah

    Strange here
    i just Apply One month ago around July 27 2009 and i check my online they said approval notice sent
    MY Question
    What Kinda Approval notice is this ???
    Is This Really approved it or mistake??
    another story i got denied my I 485 last year DEC 2008 b/c i did not take with me some police report so officer said this why he denial ....
    any i reapply I 485 on July 27 2009 just month ago and am seening this Approval Notice am not even in there Processing date yet ...
    What da hell is going on ??
    Can u Guys help me out what does that mean ....
    why so early ??
    do i have to believe this or think this is CRIS is mistake ??????
    HELP help??????
    Thanks Advanced >>>
    Assyllee why was your asylum recomended for approval in 2005 and final approval given in 2007. was it because you were still in status or what
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