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    Dad's green card approved but not in the US

    Hello I applied for GC for my father on family( am citizen) in July. He left to home country in Oct after applying for parole. When he left he did not have parole approved. Got an RFE on parole saying that beneficiary left the country about 3 weeks ago. We have to submit a valid visa like H...
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    Re Entering the US after 10 months on GC

    Thanks Jack. She will travel to Washington DC Dulles Airport. How strict are they? thanks
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    Re Entering the US after 10 months on GC

    My mother has been in India last 10 months. She went for a visit and got sick. Doctor advised not to travel for about 6 months. Now is she is all recovered and would like to come back. We did not file a re entry permit since it was an unexpected event. ( My understanding is that reentry should...
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    I-130 Petition for Parents of US Citizens through Consular Processing.

    I got another RFE on my mothers I485 last week about her name spelling. The RFE was issued from local office in Raleigh Durham. I130 & I 485 RD - DEC 2012.--> Applied to Chicago Locbox. RFE I 485 Jan 2013. Replied in JAN. how is the interview process? Anybody can comment on it...
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    I-130 Petition for Parents of US Citizens through Consular Processing.

    manny11 I applied my mom's on Dec 2012, so far no news. Applied to chicago lockbox. Any idea what service center they process? There is no place to track Chicago Lockbox processing times. Texas and Vermont are the other places, and according to the wbsite they are processig Jun 2012 as of...
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    Anybody knows the timeline at NBC for I130 & 485

    Hello There I applied I 130 & I 485 in DEC for my mother. Anybody knows the time line now a days for these applications? I live in NC state and I sent the applications to a lockbox in chicago. thanks
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    I-130 Petition for Parents of US Citizens through Consular Processing.

    Any one knows the time takes for I 130 & 485 sent to Chicago lock box? I live in NC state. I130 & I485 Notice of Receipt Dec 13, 2012. RFE I 485 for birth cert - Jan 6 & Replied. I don't know where the filings will be processed, so I have no idea about the time lines. By the way am a...
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    GC for Parents - AOS and CP - Information Source

    Hello There I am in the process of filing I-130 & I 485 for my mother. I live in North Carolina. Anybody knows what is the service center for us? And what is the time line? USCIS site says I need to send the application to Chicago Lockbox. Kindly let know what time it takes now a days...
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    June 2012 N-400 Tracker

    To whomever it may help I live in NC. N400 RD - June 01 2012 Finger- - June 27,2012. Interview - Sept 24, 2012, Letter received on Aug 24 in mail. My online status still says, finger print letter is sent.
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    When to apply for citizenship

    I greatly appreciate that..thanks a lot.
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    When to apply for citizenship

    I Got my GC ( employement) 08/20/2007. I found from the form that I can file after 5 years. But some places say that I can file after 4 years and 9 months. Could you guys give me some insight please? How long the whole process take now a days? thanks for your reply in advance...
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    what happened to vvvvunlucky?

    hello vvunlucky Best of luck my friend. I pray that soon 'vvunlucky' will become 'vvLucky'. Hey Purple Yes bro, by the grace of Lord Krishan, I made it. I'm trying to leave everything behind. Had lot of terrible experiences because of H1B status. Thank you man. All the best...
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    what happened to vvvvunlucky?

    What happened to vvvvunlucky? where are you buddy? Hope you got approved babu
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    GC Approved.. Pending EAD, AP notices!

    Retro-victim Me and my wive's AP applications are pending. GCs approved couple weeks ago. I was told that they will deny the AP since GCs are approved or sent a letter to withdraw the applications. I did not do anything. It seems like that will be a denian notice. I think you should be okay...
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    Approval for CSC->NSC Case ONLY

    Yes I did after 5 days of approval.