S. 1932 Status


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thank you gcstrat....i am almost in the same bus.....its a bit scary to share telephone number without knowing what one is getting into...


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techy2468 said:
rayyan.....its just a coincidence....that IV is doing fund collection right now....and i happened to shout SCAM.........i am really sorry for that confusion...

i did not wanted to finger any one particular ORG .............i just wanted to create awareness.......who knows there may be more ORGs in the future.....and who knows they may have been created to scam.....it happens all the time....

Agreed Techy :) , but I believe we all know (though not personally ) Sunjoshi ,pdakwala ,waldenPod and others for their great efforts during S.1932. If it is a scam.... if they want to steal $100 or more out of my pocket I don't care..... bcos it is worth giving it a shot rather than just blaming my fate. I spend almost $50 on cable every month. .... a $100 or more towards lobbying effort is "WORTH" it . :) :)
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gcstrat said:
All the folks at Immigration Voice

I can help you definitely which is why I signed up. But if I sign up as a volunteer, you need to know my telephone number, which means my identity. A simple web search on a telephone can reveal tons of information about a person.

I am just NOT willing to do that. I am very paraniod about such matters.

Only recently, I had an issue with my employer because a colleague betrayed our discussions. This is an open forum and I do not want to jeopardize anything.

So, if you can work via my e-mail and without asking for my identity, you are welcome.


GCStrat :)

I Appreciate your concern GCStrat, and a valid one. However I hope you realize the fact that we are up against some very hostile anti-immigrants (and also some folks that say they are friends, but do dumb things) that we are forced to verify atleast some information before giving access to secured threads.

If you have a cellphone, then google search won't show you anything. but again that's your personal choice.

You can still help w/o being a member of the secured thread by:
1. Spreading the message about the campaign thru emails, posting flyers for www.immigrationVoice.org (I can send you one if you are interested)
2. Contributing financially and asking others to do so.
3. General research on what's happenning out there with regards to immigration bills etc, and posting in any of the forums.

Pls remember we are all in the same boat and facing similar issues.
The more hands join together, stronger the fight is.

Good Luck.


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Importance recognised by US administration

Interesting article.


But honestly, i don't know how this can be used to support our fight or how can this be used to silence some of anti-immigrant voices


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techy2468 said:
thank you gcstrat....i am almost in the same bus.....its a bit scary to share telephone number without knowing what one is getting into...

There have been 11 instances when someone has raised concerns ( I agree most of them are valid) but Techy definately tries to throw his 2 cents to discourage anyone.
"If you are not part of the solution ,you are part of the problem" PERIOD.
I know techy will be posting a somewhat humble reply to this saying "hey man don't get offensive I am just trying to..."
Listen & listen carefully .." Shut THE F UP" aapki matra-bhasha me bolu kya
Please guys don't let things like these discourage you.
Please contribute to funding / join the groups & work.
This is our last chance & Techy is executing to perfection.
He got me pissed which should have never happened. & thus wasted your's and my time. and got all of us diverted.
Please if you don't wanna join shut up & let us do our work.
techy if you are a sincere person .." DONT RESPOND TO THIS "
else I will be 100% convinced that you are just trying to divert us from our goal.
keep fighting..
"Koshish karne walo ki haar Nahi hoti..." -H. Bachan


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EB2_091505....i am sorry to see u lose control......there is something i am missing....

why are we all getting so angry and personal....if one of us has few reservations and concerns??....this happened with us trying to work with isnamerica.......

i just wish...that we all do not get too frustrated with the way things are....keep our cool.....and try to maintain a healthy debate on everything....

to tell you the truth......i wish you all great luck....becos.....if you are successful....i am also going to reap the benefit.........so guys....why are you all so angry???....becos someone does not see the world with the same perspective???


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I will tell you why we are so angry

Coz everyone on this thread has been following the damn S 1932. Why? coz they have been on H1 for a long time. They have been on H1 since you were in your diapers and its time now that they get their GC.

You, on the other hand are new. You have 4 more years of H1 remaining. It will take another 4-6 years for you to reach a level of impatience and frustration that everyone else has.

So it would behoove you to shut up and stop posting negative things and stop crying "SCAM SCAM" when people organize their efforts in a a non-profit manner to eliminate retrogression.

Hence the anger.

Enjoy your H1 while it lasts...4 years will zoom past in no time and when you go back to India coz you lost your job and cant file another H1 due to retrogression, you can tell stories of scams to people in India.

Now put your pacifier in your mouth again and watch the adults do a real job.



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anger needs direction...i can understand the frustration....(i have spend 4-5 years on different visas in usa......i was also expecting to get GC very soon....).

but why take out on some one like you.....just because some one has a different opinion....does not mean he is a enemy...

anyways.....i am kind of disappointed with the lack of participation from our community.......i think only few hundreds participate........let me think about that....if you know some reasons....about why people are not participating....please comment..


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Everyone, Please stay on,

Things will start taking shape in next few weeks. Once the Senate comes back from the vacation things will start rolling.

Everyone, please donate some money if you have not done yet. Please spread the word. Few bucks spent on good efforts will return GC which we want desperately. Either you or your company is paying for the GC but remember the time you have spent waiting eagerly for the GC is priceless.

So don't let yourself down thinking that things will happened on its own. Cheer up guys and keep moving.


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Be united

Please do not point fingers at each other. We should do something or at least strengthen the hands of the people who are doing something.
Whatever one thinks will benefit this cause.. go ahead and do it. If it can be done in majority that would be great.
Nothing is gonna be achieved if we sit silently or picking at each other.

I am very much optimistic that we will reach the goal pretty soon despite of so many difficulties.

United we Stand.


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I have sent a very detailed email to you explaining how we plan to increase transparency into our actions. I have also given you my phone number and told you that if you need any more clarifications please feel free to call.

You have still not called me. You have not attended any of our conference calls. You have not contributed a penny to the cause. You have only caused as much ruckus as possible by starting a thread with SCAM in the title and directly mentioning ImmigrationVoice.org in it. You have started a thread in IV forum saying that we don't need a lobbyist. So many of the genuine volunteers have had to spend time responding to your threads instead of working on real issues.

All of your actions have led me to believe that you are one of those middlemen, who is out to make sure that the actions of ImmigrationVoice fail. Please go away, the users of this forum are much more intelligent to see through this.

Again, if you are genuinely interested in clarifications, call me before making another accusation in this forum.


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Cool Down

Guys and Gals

Please stop bickering.

And cool down.

If we are going to react to everything, every criticism, every differing viewpoint, we are going to be in trouble. Please stop reacting.

I think people in this forum are well aware of the IV's positions - but the more time you folks spend on this "non-issue", the less time you will have on other things - specifically things like who in DC will "shadow" the Senators/ Congressmen and meet them. Anybody on IV is in DC? If so, what are their tasks? when they have to act?

We have enought preparation time till the Senate convenes. Focus on that.

Also, I hope we have thanked each and every Senator for their support on S 1932/ H 8001, if not, please send the same to their office NOW. That way, immigration issue may be keep "alive" on their mind.

And please to folks on either side, points taken - we know where you all stand. Call a truce and focus on task ahead.

GCStrat :)


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Lobbying resources

Guys and Gals

A very good website on lobbying:


It focuses on the following:

Citizen Lobbying Kit
Citizen's Guide to Lobbying State Government in NY
Contacting Congress
Electronic Activist
E-mail Your Governor
FCIC's National Contact Center
Government Relations
Grassroots Lobbying Techniques
League of Women Voters
Michigan Decency Action Council
NY Citizens
Reach the White House
Send a letter to a U.S. Senator
Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet
Tools of the Citizen Advocate
Two-Minute Activist
Write your U.S. Congressperson
Links for Related and Other Issues


GCStrat :)


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Resource: Senate legislative information on the web

Guys and Gals

Source for legislative information:


The Library of Congress
101 Independent Ave., SE
Washington, DC 20540
Phone: 1-202-707-5000
E-mail: thomas@loc.gov
Website: www.thomas.loc.gov

Provides the Congressional calendar and summaries of bills and their status. Read committee reports, as well as historical documents and recent issues of The Congressional Record. Includes links to the executive and judicial branches and state and local governments


GCStrat :)


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Resource: All American League of Lobbyists

Guys and Gals

Check out the "All American League of Lobbyist" website. It includes resources such as "How to retain a lobbyist" (see below).

GCStrat :)


In the modern political world, it is not unusual for business and organizations to need representation before Congress, the Administration and government agencies. Many large entities employ lobbyists on a full-time basis, but even they sometimes need additional help in the form of contract lobbyists. Identifying an experienced, reputable lobbyist suited to an organization's needs is imprecise at best.

A veteran lobbyist should have a political network including both Administration and Congressional contacts. He or she should have a stellar reputation among both peers and lobbying contacts. And he should have experience with the congressional committees or government agencies with jurisdiction over the issue areas to be lobbied.

There are pros and cons to consider in deciding which background a lobbyist should have: law degree, public relations credentials, congressional or administrative experience. Retaining a Washington lobbyist is a very individual decision with few concrete guidelines. But it should be recognized that no single professional has the skill to resolve every lobbying problem. It is also important to be aware that no lobbyist enjoys a 100% success rate; there are always excellent lobbyists on the losing end of every congressional skirmish.

To locate a specific lobbyist, contact the Senate Public Records office at 202-224-0322 or the House Legislative Resource Center at 202-226-5200.

To identify lobbyists who work on specific issues, or to determine which lobbyists represent a particular organization, check the "Selected Subjects Index" or "Organizations Represented" sections of Washington Representatives, published by Columbia Books in Washington, DC (202-464-1662).


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Resource: List of lobbyists (from All American League of Lobbyists website)

See list below

GCStrat :)


The following contract lobbyists are members in good standing who subscribe to the American League of Lobbyists Code of Ethics.

Virginia Ainslie - 703-527-5404 or vainslie@aol.com
Advocacy support for local government agencies and non-profit organizations. Specialties include environment, transportation, medical research and hospital services.

Colburn Aker - 202-789-2424 or aker@akerpartners.com
Government relations, public affairs management and public relations, including strategic advocacy planning, policy analysis and monitoring, issue management, media relations, media training, grassroots advocacy and counseling based upon 30 years of Washington experience.

Dennis W. Boyd - 703-426-8100 or dennis@assnmgrs.com
Expertise in federal employee issues.

Kenneth Butler - 703-620-4914 or kbutler@cpiva.com
CPI is known for its government relations expertise in all aspects of public works and transportation. Highway funding, new rail starts/projects, competitively controlled transit services, airline services, airport construction projects and public-private partnership projects are just a few of our specialties.

David J. Diersen - 630-653-0462 or diersen@aol.com
Available to help advance conservative issues in Illinois, especially in DuPage County and Milton Township. Qualifications include 18 years experience as an analyst for the Government Accountability Office, six professional certifications, and three master degrees.

Will Edington — 202-737-1800 or whedington@aol.com
A broad-based government relations consulting firm that assists clients in the ethical representations of their legitimate interests at all levels of government.

Bert Ely - 703-836-4101 or bert@ely-co.com
Bert Ely is a free-market oriented, public-policy consultant on issues related to financial institutions and monetary policy. Specific issues of expertise include government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac), deposit insurance, banking regulation, the payments system, and other legislative and regulatory issues principally affecting banks and thrift institutions. When necessary, he registers as a lobbyist for clients.

Dennis Duncan - 605-297-4446 or dduncan@fzdnlaw.com
The law firm of Frieberg, Zimmer, Duncan & Nelson has had active lobbyists in the South Dakota legislature for more than 35 years. The South Dakota Legislature is one of the first legislatures to adjourn each year. Issues which are considered in South Dakota will impact the passage of legislation in other states. With four active lobbyists, the firm provides the ability to lobby whole committees or the membership of the legislature in the critical hours of minutes before legislation is considered and, at critical junctures, join in an "all-out" lobbying effort. The firm has specialty experience gained through many years of experience in health care, insurance and business issues.

Murray Gilford - 847-849-6218 or murraygilford@comcast.net
A private entity comprised of registered contractual lobbyists and community public affairs consultants having advisory, implementaion and operational skills. Progressive, independent and renowned for the ability to perceive future trends, Murray Gilford & Associates, Inc. offers what effective public support campaigns require. Excellent communication, organizational and analytical skills. Extensive research ability and advanced level knowledge of the multiple factors that influence public opinion. Our mission is to establish, maintain and protect clients' reputation, enhance prestige and assist in presenting a favorable public image.

Tom Gilligan - 202-244-6450 or Tgilligan3@aol.com
Gilligan is a highly effective, results-oriented health care advocate and policy analyst with over 30 years experience and a nationwide reputation. He has successfully lobbied all levels of Congress and the executive branch for hospitals and health care IT companies on issues related to Medicare, Medicaid, HIPAA, and health care IT.

Carl A. Herrin - 301-593-8075 or caherrin@herrinassociates.com
Congressional relations and regulatory matters related to foreign relations (public diplomacy, foreign assistance) and education (higher and international education).

Robert Hurt - 202-543-9398 or bobhurt@HurtNorton.com
Washington representation, media relations and marketing to government agencies.

Peter G. Mayberry - 703-538-8804 or pgmayberry@aol.com
Mayberry & Associates, LLC is a boutique firm specializing in regulatory and legislative affairs work for a select group of not-for-profit trade associations. Specific expertise includes: international trade, textiles, pharmaceutical labeling & packaging, environmental issues, and antitrust compliance. Extensive experience working with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, EPA, FDA, and FTC.

Paul Miller - 703-930-7790 or pmiller@mwcapitol.com
A government relations firm that prides itself on relationships built on trust, Miller/Wenhold is willing to go the extra mile for its clients. It produces results by establishing priorities and developing comprehensive strategies to achieve legislative goals. Seasoned professionals rely on decades of lobbying and political experience to design unique, personalized campaigns for each client. M/W works hard to earn clients' trust and to provide effective advocacy at an affordable price. Services include direct lobbying (federal, state and local levels), grassroots lobbying, legislative and regulatory tracking, strategic planning, crisis management, coalition development and management, web design and management, and leadership and legislative training seminars.

Patrick Pellerin - 202-364-6486 or pellerin@verizon.net
Patrick Pellerin, president, has more than 30 years experience lobbying in such issues as transportation, health care, small business and others. He also conducts issues-oriented media campaigns for clients that include press conferences, media tours, print and broadcast interviews and speech writing. Presently, he is chairman of the Communications and Marketing Committee of the National Press Club.

Dan Mattoon - 202-879-9327 or dmattoon@podestamattoon.com
PodestaMattoon is a full-service, bi-partisan government affairs and public relations firm. We specialize in a broad spectrum of issue areas including biotechnology, telecommunications, public health policy, defense, education, banking and appropriations.

530 South 13th Street, Suite 110
Lincoln, NE 68508
William Mueller - 402-434-3399 or mueller@ruthmueller.com
One of Nebraska's premier lobbying firms representing clients before the legislature and state agencies. Clients include: American Express Travel-Related Services; Caterpiller, Inc.; Deloitte & Touche; eBay; First Data Corporation; Hewlett-Packard Company; M/A-COM Private Radio Systems; Nebraska Dental Association; National electrical Contractors Association; Nebraska State Bar Association; and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.

Randal Teague - 202-467-8817 or rcteague@vssp.com
Expertise in all issue areas offered by 350+ member regional law firm.

Gaston de Bearn - gdebearn@comcast.net or 703-754-4179
A consortium of former senior level executives of the health care industry representing trade associations and individuals seeking legislative, regulatory or public affairs representation on the federal or state level.


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***Resource: Firms focusing on Immigration Lobbying ***

Guys and Gals

List below of firms in DC focused on Immigration Lobbying. Some of them will be on our side and while may be against immigration. It might make sense to meet them and understand where they stand. It may also help us understand the why people are "against(?)" LEGAL immigration. If they are on similar wavelengths as us, may be just "shadow" them. May be we do not have to hire them.

GCStrat :)

Source of this information: HILL NEWS

Lobby League #21 Immigration

Each week, The Hill highlights the top lobbyists on a sector-specific basis through conversations with the major players on K Street, congressional staffers and other Washington insiders.

National Immigration Forum: Angela Kelley, Christina DeConcini, Lynn Tramonte
The Forum, the leading pro-immigrant advocacy group, has just expanded its lobbying arm by adding DeConcini, who was formerly with the Catholic Legal Immigration Network. The Forum “brings together strange bedfellows,” Kelley, its deputy director, said. She said groups that normally have little in common, such as the Chamber of Commerce, organized labor and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, join to work toward a “rational, constructive immigration policy.” Tramonte is the Forum’s senior policy communications associate.


Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR): Paul Egan, Brian Bilbray
Egan is the group’s director for government relations. FAIR is seeking a moratorium on most immigration to give the country time to develop a comprehensive reform strategy. Former Rep. Bilbray (R-Calif.) is on FAIR’s board of advisers and runs the group’s congressional task force. One lobbyist said Bilbray’s “incredible access” to the House of Representatives has helped FAIR in its work on immigration reform.


NumbersUSA.com: Rosemary Jenks, James Edwards

Jenks is the in-house lobbyist for the group. She said that while NumbersUSA originally was involved in the impact of immigration on the labor market, the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, “made it clear we also need to look at security.” Edwards, who is with Olive, Edwards & Brinkman, also said that immigration is currently seen “through the lens of security.” A legislative director for former Rep. Ed Bryant (R-Tenn.), Edwards worked on immigration issues when lawmakers passed immigration reform in the 104th Congress. At the time, Bryant was a member of the House Judiciary Committee’s Immigration, Border Security and Claims Subcommittee. Edwards also co-wrote The Congressional Politics of Immigration Reform, published in 1998.

Agricultural Coalition for Immigration Reform (ACIR): Monte Lake, Craig Regelbrugge, Sharon Hughes

This ad hoc coalition includes more than 100 organizations with a “substantial labor need,” said co-chairman Regelbrugge, who is also the senior director of government relations for the American Nursery & Landscape Association. The group wants to ensure that agriculture employers have access to a seasonal work force to make certain the country has a “safe and secure food supply.” While individual members of the coalition pitch in, ACIR is also relying on some outside help. Lake is a partner with McGuiness Norris & Williams. The former deputy attorney general of California said that before the 2001 terrorist attacks, the group was close to achieving its goal of helping to reform immigration in a way that allowed access to seasonal workers while instituting a system of “earned immigration.” Hughes is the executive vice president of the National Council of Agricultural Employers and a key component in coordinating ACIR’s grassroots campaign.

United to Secure America: William Crosby, Wright Andrews

In the first half of this year, the group spent more than $600,000 in lobbying fees, including $180,000 each to Butera & Andrews, Podesta Mattoon and Timothy R Rupli & Associates. The group advocates boosting national security through allowing what it calls a “manageable number” of immigrants and non-immigrant visitors. One source praised the access of Crosby, a former GOP chief counsel on the House Rules Committee and 27-year Hill veteran who now works for the Livingston Group, as especially valuable.

American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA): Judith Golub, Marshall Fitz

Golub is the senior director of advocacy and public affairs for the 9,000-member group and Fitz is the associate director. AILA aims to educate Congress and the public about the benefits of an immigration policy that allows refugees and workers to enter the country


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AILA letter to Senators on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Guys and Gals

AILA has a letter to be sent to Senators - this letter indicates HR 4437 has been passed. We are doomed if this goes through. Also, as you can see, it focuses on "illegal" immigration.

GCStrat :)


In passing the Border Security, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 (H.R. 4437), the House began down a path that will lead only to more failure. H.R. 4437 is punitive, extreme, and ultimately unworkable. When the debate on immigration reform begins in the Senate in February, I urge you to support a more thoughtful and rational approach. Our immigration system is fundamentally broken, and we need a realistic, comprehensive solution, such as that embodied in the Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act of 2005 (S. 1033), not more of the same failed policies.

To gain control of our borders and truly guarantee our security, we must implement a comprehensive approach to immigration reform that will address the 11 million people living here without papers. The vast majority of these undocumented immigrants are law-abiding, hardworking people who pay their taxes and contribute to our society. By allowing these people an opportunity to come out of the shadows, register with the government, pay a hefty fine, go through the security check process, and earn the privilege of legal status, we can restore the rule of law in our workplaces and communities and focus our enforcement resources on those who mean us harm.

Besides providing a path to citizenship with reasonable requirements for those who are already here, a realistic, comprehensive approach to immigration reform must include an effective guest worker program that would match willing workers with willing employers. It must also reunite close family members, some of whom have been separated for twenty years. Finally, comprehensive immigration reform must enhance our border security so that we know who is coming into our country. Such reform would facilitate the cross-border flow of people and goods that is essential to our economy. A vibrant economy, in turn, is essential to fund our security needs.

We have spent the last 20 years tightening immigration enforcement, but it hasn't worked. It is irrational to try to enforce laws that are out of sync with the economic realities of our country. Until the laws are in line with reality and provide a safe, legal, and orderly way for migrants to enter our country to work and reunite with family, and for those who are here to come out of the shadows and become integrated with society, we cannot hope to gain control of our broken immigration system.

I strongly urge you to enact realistic, comprehensive immigration reform, and to reject enforcement-only measures that hurt communities and do nothing to help us gain control of our borders or make us more secure.


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AILA is interested only in its future clients (11 million illegals going legal...wow...)

i agree that H.R. 4437 is slightly on the extreme....but that does not mean....the other option is to legalise illegals.....


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Interesting statistics from EB2/EB3 poll

Guys and Gals

Some quick inference from the EB2/ EB3 poll:

1) For every EB2 person, they are TWO EB3 persons
2) Nearly TWO out of THREE EB3 persons have a PD prior to end of 2002
3) 2001 and 2002 are the "spike" years == implies till we clear this bump, process will stagnate there.

GCStrat :)