DV 2019 Oceania Selectees


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Thanks Guys, worked it out and paid for the GC, woop getting closer I leave for my activation trip on Sunday.

Aidyn, you said they confirmed your address, how did they do that do they call the place?
Mijoro is correct, they just confirm it by verbally asking while they are processing you through - I was asked 3 or 4 times if it was correct
Thanks @Mijoro. I have my sights set on New York! :D

I'm going solo on this. No family or friends there either (hence my lack of US address dilemma). If approved, I'm planning on doing an activation trip for a week during December so I can spend Christmas there. Then use the 1 year period after to get my affairs in order before moving permanently.

I'd be extremely grateful if anybody can help me out with the US address situation. I think I should be okay with the temporary hotel address I used on the form at the interview, but I'd need to have an address for the GC by the time I get to the POE. All suggestions would be greatly appreciated! And if anybody is willing to lend an address, please DM me.
I can help with an address, can't work out how to DM though!
Just wonder for those who is not having every family member joining, will like to confirm no DS 260 to be submitted for those not immigrating? I have been asked by the consulate for " incomplete" DS260. They seem to miss out my spouse's DS 260 - which I emailed them the confirmation page subsequently. Any "incomplete" DS 260 relates to members who are not immigrating now or at a later date ( i.e. they are not attending interview either).

Another quick question, for those of you who contacted the US consulate in Sydney via email, how do they usually respond? I have emailed them the confirmation page as requested but not long after i received an email titled "Your US Travel Documents Customer Portal username and password is enclosed "

Though concurrently I also received an email "We have received your email and will respond accordingly within 1 to 2 business days. "

Not sure if the first email is an coincidence as I did try ringing the consulate 1300 number earlier. So will be good to hear from those of you who have dealt with the consulate here in Sydney. How the consulate typically responds.

Just getting a bit paranoid as want to ensure all documents are in good hands of the consulate - they mentioned that if DS260 not received , the family member will not be allowed to attend the interview.


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All of the OC interviews should have been completed by now is that correct? Is there anyone left in the group who hasn’t had theirs done yet?

We seem to have all gotten through successfully this year thank goodness. Just a few activation trips to go.


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No doubt the consulate knows that they don’t provide those records so it shouldn’t be an issue you would think.

At least with an August date you still have some breathing room. I wonder if anyone is getting interviewed in September?
Doug when is your interview?
Hi all,

I've booked my activation trip for October!!! I'm flying into San Francisco and then making my way across to NYC for a bit of an extended holiday, but I was wanting to go to Vancouver for a week to see a friend before I go to NYC. Has anyone had any problems leaving the US and then coming back after a week without their physical Green Card? I know the visa in the passport acts as evidence for up to a year, but I'm unduly concerned that I won't be able to get back in without my physical GC!