oc selectees

  1. Mijoro

    DV 2019 Oceania Selectees

    A place for Oceania Selectees to talk about the process, support each other and laugh.
  2. dilemma87

    DV 2018 OC Selectees

    Hi everyone, Thought I would start a thread for all the 2018 DV OC selectees on here as I noticed there wasn't one yet. I haven't posted on here that much, only usually around DV time but am a long-time reader. As I've mentioned in a couple of the other threads, I'm third time lucky at getting...
  3. floppyjb

    OC DV Applicants and winners

    Hello, I am interested in applying next year, as a matter of interest and a general survey, how many of you have won and how many of you have been applying for a few years with little success? I have really heard of a high success rate, how many of you haven't had much luck in the OC region...
  4. MattWatt

    DV 2017 OC Selectees

    With the draw results being imminent, I thought I'd start the next OC thread in preparation. Good luck everyone, and may the CNs be forever in your favour.