DV 2019 Ghana Selectees

Please is it compulsory to enter USA through JFK... or one can choose/enter through any other airport????
I am talking about first time entry???
Guys thnk you all. Got the
email from dhl on monday and went for my package on tuesday. It happened soo fast exactly one week after going on issued and less than two weeks going for the interview. Thank you all and praise to God. Will pay my 220$ and move as soon as possible.
I thought I should make this post just in case someone find themselves in a similar situation as I.

After calming down from my panic attack from the interview, I read the letter the CO (the African American in booth 6, the one someone above dreaded lol) gave me. The information in it was quite clear and could be summarized as follows:
1. I am the petitioner, so I have to initiate the DNA sample-taking process.
2. The DNA test can only be done by aabb accredited labs.
So I had to contact one such labs to fill a form and make payment for them to send the sample collection kit to the Accra embassy.
From my little experience, the labs in states on the east coast had the lowest rate obviously due to lower shipping cost. I contacted IntelliGenics
from Atlanta, Georgia. ($550). Labs in California on the west coast are charging $791
3. After the tool kit arrives in Accra, the embassy will contact me so that I attend an appointment with my son. The embassy doctor will collect our
samples in the presence of the CO.
4. On the issue of the CO asking me to get a passport for my son although I do not intend to take him along now, I called the embassy and I was told that the CO wants to tie the passport number to my case so that future processing will be without much trouble.
5. In conclusion, it is extra money being spent to run a DNA test on myself and my clone lol. This was necessitated by the fact that I did not bring the child to the interview, whereas I am not married to the mother. In addition, the only document i presented about him was a birth certificate ( handwritten one), no pictures, nothing else. So, it is not the CO's fault. But that CO is very strict. Like joke, like joke, He dey deny rough!