DV 2019 Ghana Selectees

Dear All,

Most grateful for the many ways you are sacrificing for DV-Selectees in getting the best out of their selection for the program.

I am a selectee of the DV lottery for 2019 with case number 2019AF9*** and I woukd have my interview in Accra. I submitted my Ds-260 in the last week of June for myself, wife and two kids.

Passports for two of my derivatives had to be renewed and at the time I used dummy numbers to represent the passport numbers so i could amend the numbers once the passports were ready.

I sent KCC an email on friday August 10, 2018 and I received a mail today with the following response:

"Thank you for your inquiry.

We are unable to process your request to unlock the DS-260 for case number 2019AF9***. You will have an opportunity to make any necessary changes to your DS-260 after your initial Diversity Visa interview at a United States Embassy or Consulate. If you need to submit a new DS-260 for a new spouse or child, please contact the Embassy or Consulate where your interview will take place after you receive a scheduling confirmation letter through the Diversity Visa Entrant Status Check system. For changes to an existing DS-260, it is not necessary to contact the Embassy or Consulate in advance."

1. Does this mail in a way suggest a change of policy on unlocking of already submitted forms, as per my case number I believe I am to expect an interview in the earliest in December 2018.

2. Would the initial passport numbers I indicated on my submitted DS-260 form put my case at risk?

3. Do I have any additional remedies with KCC considering the above or can I make any changes by contacting the US Embassy in Accra before my interview?

4. Does this message suggest that I may be scheduled for an interview earlier than expected?

I would be glad if you could spare some time within you busy schedule to help me get some answers to the above.

Thank you.
@Nerogh Have u gone for your interview? Please share.
Hey guys, would the lapse in appropriations affect the work of the consulates and for that matter visa issuance and the scheduling of interviews? I am yearning for some education here. Thank you.
Nursing diploma is not equivalent to a university degree. You’ll need to select HS. Anyway, the educational level indicated on the eDV registration has no bearing on the selection process, it is however a good idea to provide truthful information regardless.
Please if you have a degree, will there still be a need for providing an SHS certificate?

Kojo E

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Please if you have a degree, will there still be a need for providing an SHS certificate?
Yes, absolutely. The qualifying requirement for education is the Secondary School certificate with results good enough for admission to a Ghanaian or American university. A degree without a secondary school certificate is almost certain to be a disqualification.
Don't have less than C in your SHS results and if you a degree perfect, you good to go. Pls no faquake results slip or certificate you will be disqualified
Don't have less than C in your SHS results and if you have a degree perfect, you are good to go. Pls no faquake results slip or certificate, you will be disqualified
Less than C....am having D7 in chemistry.....soo wat do you suggest i do ??? The rest are A ,B and C.
1. Got info on 1NL around mid May 2018 from my wife as I was working out of Accra. I was selected! You have no idea what the feeling was, I just couldn't it and i was yearning to just come back to the city to celebrate and start gathering my documents. I also had to cough up money for passports for all 4 of us as mine was the old non-biometric passport but none of my derivatives had ever held one. That was a hell of a ride as for some reason, passport books in Ghana were in short supply as I was told. I wanted and expedited service so I paid GHS 1,600 for all 4 of us(approx. $328)

For your information after submitting my DS-260 for all 4 of us, the CEAC website shutdown and after it was restored, I was unable to login again. I had some mistakes I needed to correct that freaked me the hell out, but @Frank Boakye saved the day with his information that I could make those changes at the consulate before the interview. I have still not been able to login to the CEAC site where the DS-260 was submitted up to date.

2. Received 2NL on 2nd November, 2018 and my interview date was 6th December 2018. Myself (Principal Applicant) and all 3 of my derivatives were listed on my 2NL. Our appointment was at 7:30a.m.

3. Went for our (Myself and Wife) clearance appointment on the 3rd week of November and we were given 3 days to come for it. However, it took me a week to get it as I later found out it was ready after 3 days but the officer who conducted the exercise had taken it and kept it for us.

4. Went for our medical appointment at the Holy Trinity in the 3rd week of November, 2018. We paid almost GHS 7000 (approx. $1,434).

Our inventory for the interview included the following:
All birth certificates and photocopies
All academic certificates and photocopies( I had SSCE certificate and it was laminated)
Sealed Medicals Envelopes for all 4 of us.
2 Police Clearance Certificates (Me and my wife only)
Marriage Certificate and 2 photocopies.
DS-260 Confirmation Pages for all 4 of us.
$1,300 for visa fees (I couldn't get $20 change so I had GHS 100 on me, that caused some drama though as u will find out later)
2 Passport pictures each (American size)
4 Photo Albums (One for my first daughter, one for pictures before we married in 2012, one for wedding pictures, one for engagement pictures)
We also took along "prayer"

At about 7:45am, I moved towards the unofficial waiting place under the tree adjacent the consular section gate of the consulate. In 5 minutes we were all called in to follow a queue where our 2NL and passports were inspected by a young man who had some sort of an appointment list. Our appointment was confirmed and we moved a head to a security man who checked our 2NL and passports again. We were not allowed to send our bags and any electronic devices including cell phones, so we left that with the Police Officer's post in front of the gate. We were further ushered in to a second area where we were checked for possession of any electronic device or any offensive item.

Within the consular section of the consulate, all immigrant visa applicants were asked to sit at one place, we were about 35 people. We were asked to go to a window for briefing after 10 minutes. At the window, a friendly looking ma of about 40 spoke to us about the DV applicants and the process and documents required prior to our interview. The first was to pay the visa fees, then go for inspection and collection of documents at one of the windows and then the final interview.

My attempt to pay our visa fees was met with a rejection by the Cashier as I was told the consulate does not accept cash payments in different currencies(Please refer to my cash at hand above). I was also told that once you enter the embassy you cannot go out. However, I remember at the first window for the briefing I was the only one that was bold enough to ask a couple of questions, that sort of made me the go to person when others wanted some clarity after the briefing. Leveraging on that, I decided to go back to the man who gave us the briefing to talk to him about my case and he obliged with a note for me to return by 9a.m., it was 825a.m. when I left the consulate in my quest to get a change for $20.

I dashed out with such speed and breath some of the security officers thought I was been chased out, lol. I asked a few people around and I was told I needed to go to Labone, about 10 minutes drive from the consulate. I chanced on a forex bureau after about 5 mins drive only to be told by the attendant that he could only get $50. I desperately looked around and found an ATM as I had my wallet and bank cards on me. I withdrew an additional GHS 150 to add to my GHS 100(exchange rate on the day was GHS 5 to $1). I now had a total of $1,350 dollars as opposed to the exact fee of $13,20. I quickly dashed back to the consulate, showed my note to them and they allowed me in. I was asked to join the queue again to make payment to the cashier, all this while my wife and kids were in the consulate. My kids were having play time with our passport pics and photo albums and making noise all over the place. I made payment and got $30 change.

In about 5 minutes, we were called to submit our documents at window 13. We got there and a very calm looking lady also Ghanaian I believe requested for my documents first in a particular order(Passport, Birth Cert, Educational Certs, Police report, DS-260 confirmation page, Marriage Cert, 2 Passports size pics), all documents were received as original and photocopy. It was at this point that I told the woman about the mistakes i had made on the DS-260 for my wife and younger daughter and she obliged to make the changes for me (Thanks @Frank Boakye ).
We submitted all documents in the format as described above except there was no marriage certs, educational certs and police reports for the kids. My wife's educational certificates were not taken either. Our albums were huge so she asked us to open them up and slide them into the open space on the ledge on her window so we could get them in on the other side of the window to her. All set, we were asked to wait for our interview.

I moved into the washroom to kill a bit of the pressure and nerves, came back to sit and my wife followed with a visit to the washroom as well. Within 2 minutes we were called to window 3 for our interview and all of us went to the window.

Me and wife: Good morning
CO: Good morning
Co: Adults, please raise up your hands and take your oaths.
Me and Wife: Raised our hands and took the oath.
CO: Where is your mother, asked my first daughter who was hanging on her moms shoulder.
Daughter: Pointed to her mom.
CO: Have you guys been married before?
Me and Wife: In unison, NO
CO: Have you guys been divorced before?
Me and Wife: In unison, NO
CO: Do you guys have any kids apart from these kids?
Me and Wife: In unison, NO
CO: What is your highest educational qualification? To Principal Applicant, ME.
Me: Blah blah blah... original certificate was right in front of him, he looked at it and looked back at me and our eyes crossed.
CO: Where do you wanna stay in the U.S.?
Me: Blah Blah Blah.
CO: Are you serious? You don't mean it right?
Me: That's is the address I would be staying.
CO: Wait a minute, CO whips up his phone from his desk, types something and shows me a road map? Do you see that?
Me: Stunned and confused at this stage, just looking and saying no.
CO: Oh you don't get it right?
Me: Yes.
CO: Well that is a very populated city with lots of immigrants and its expensive too.
Me: Well, that is where I am going now because I have someone there whom I trust and can support me and the family hosting us for a few months before we integrate.

At this stage, another CO comes to our window to pull our CO away. CO politely excuses us. Comes back after a minute and a half.

CO: Starts giving us our original documents back and ask. How did you guys submit these albums in here?
Me: Told CO how we sent it via the open space by opening it first.
CO: Well, am not going to look at your albums so yu guys have it back. CO opens to push through the space, sees me and wife kissing in one of our pictures and exclaims...OOOOO.
Me and Wifey: LOL
CO: pushes all our albums to us and ask wheteher we have been married before, whether we had kids anywhere and whether we have been divorced before.
Me and Wife: In unison, NO.
CO: Do you want to go to America? Ask my first daughter again.
Daughter: Answer with a positive response with a head gesture, gets her chin hitting the ledge as she was standing now and could only manage a height up to the level of the ledge.
CO: Exclaims again....
CO: I believe you guys are truly married and these are your only kids... I am going to APPROVE your visa. You guys prepared very well for your interview. Welcome to America! You would have your visas within 2 weeks but please do not make any travelling plans or sell your property or quit your job until you have your visas and passports back. CO hands us a sheet with instructions on how to Collect your Visa.

CO kept photocopies of all our documents, Medicals, Police Certs and all our passports. You have no idea the kind of excitement that followed us all the way through. We are yet to hear from the Consulate after our interview on December 6, 2018. Our checks on CEAC after the data was uploaded shows READY, last date of update is December 14th, 2018 for all 4 of us.

Thank you.