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DV 2018 Kenya Selectees

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by Guriix, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Amazing Faith

    Amazing Faith New Member

    Hi Afrikana,
    Have the same issue, what i did is just write down the plot number as indicated on the land title deed.
    Don't know if this is similar to what you are asking though...
  2. Amazing Faith

    Amazing Faith New Member

    I have a friend who has different first names ( spelling) on Birth cert and his documents.

    That is, he has his name on birth cert as Piter but on all other documents he is named as Peter. Am thinking this maybe a problem.
    How can this be sorted? Please advise.
  3. Afrikana

    Afrikana Member

    @Amazing Faith , Yes! Im actually facing the same issue :)

    I have already submitted my DS260.

    Do i need to unlock and update these details or can i give them to the CO during the interview? @Sm1smom , @Guriix @Britsimon
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  4. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    I have no idea regarding house numbering in Kenya. Just provide the information to the best of your knowledge.
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  5. Guriix

    Guriix Registered Users (C)

    They should be fine. The name of the place if there aren't any more specifics to it. The embassy guys know Kenya doesn't have street addresses and they don't give you too much grief.
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  6. Afrikana

    Afrikana Member

    Thank you @Guriix :)
  7. Afrikana

    Afrikana Member

    My Case No. is 2018AF42XXX

    I have 3 queries below;

    1. The current Kenyan passports are being phased out and replaced by e-passports. Im planning to apply for the e-passport.
    I maintained my current passport details on my DS260. Does this mean that once i get the new e-passport, i will have to unlock my DS260 and update? Might this delay my interview?

    2. For guys who have the e-passports, does one retain the old passport once you're issued with the new e-passport?

    3. From my estimation, my wifes passport will be less than 6 months to expiry by the time we will be having the interview at the embassy. Is it true that a passport has to have at least 6 months validity by the time you go for the DV interview or are issued with a US visa?
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2017
  8. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    1. Yes and it shouldn’t delay
    2. (Needs a Kenyan to answer)
    3. Yes, she will need a new passport before the interview.
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  9. Afrikana

    Afrikana Member

    Thank you @SusieQQQ
  10. Pat Mwas

    Pat Mwas New Member


    My wife is a 2018 DV Lottery winner, but she entered the lottery using the photo from her 2017 entry. There is no noticeable difference between her current appearance and the one on the photo. However, we all know that the rules stated to not play with the 2017 photo, because you will be disqualified. Her entry was not disqualified before the selection and I am wondering whether there is any chance to pass the interview in such a case. If anyone has already attended an interview or has a pending interview, but has the same issue, we would be grateful if you share your experience. Thank you and good luck to everyone!
  11. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    There have been interviews conducted since October under the new instruction about DV2017 photos. In fact, the requirement to use a new photo was ALWAYS there, but DV2018 instrcns made that a bit more clear and specific. However, up to now I have not heard of a single case refused for that reason - so whilst a refusal is possible for that reason, it does not appear to be a likely outcome.
  12. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    Please keep us posted whatever the outcome is -
    yes we haven't heard of any refusals based on this yet, but on the other hand we are only a couple of months into the first FY that they have specified they will disqualify on this basis. Entirely possible people with duplicate photos have been getting through and not reporting it - more likely to hear about any denials if they had happened. Whether they in practice do or not, it will be useful information for others.
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  13. Baba Ruby

    Baba Ruby New Member

    Happy to be in this fora and be able to share experiences.
    I was selected and my CN is AF 31*** eagerly waiting for my interview date probably May,Thanks
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  14. Guriix

    Guriix Registered Users (C)

    Start getting ready, your finances, what you'd like to do when you make the move and of course choose your sponsor carefully.. it makes a huge difference
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  15. Jonge

    Jonge Active Member

    Hi this shouldn't be an issue provided you get an affidavit to support that i.e Piter and Peter are one and the same person. I also had something similar i.e My passport showed John Edwards Doe while my Certificates just showed John Doe. I hope this helps
  16. Amazing Faith

    Amazing Faith New Member

    Definitely does! Thank you @Jonge
  17. Amazing Faith

    Amazing Faith New Member

    @Pat Mwas , this am sure puts you at a little ease :) ... you have been pretty on edge over this...
  18. Afrikana

    Afrikana Member

    I have a similar issue. My birth certificate appears as e.g. Franck David while all other documents appear as Franc David. I suppose this means that i will also need to get an affidavit. I thought indicating on the "Other Given name" section on the DS260 would suffice.
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2018
  19. Afrikana

    Afrikana Member

    @Sm1smom , @Britsimon Please advise.
  20. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    I don’t see a need to a sworn affidavit for this. Plus it’s a known fact the COs don’t really give much consideration to sworn affidavit regarding name variations especially from countries where they know people tend to use sworn affidavits as an elixir - a cure-all.

    You should be fine as is.

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