DV 2018 Kenya Selectees


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I'm starting a DV 2018 Kenya forum for those who will be interviewed out of the US Embassy Nairobi, Kenya..I went through the process in 2014, successfully resettled here and my experience might help a soul somewhere as I was helped on this forum..


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Just wondering.If one entered the lottery with spouse each as the PA,and fortunately both are selected.will their interviews be on the same day
They'll each get different case numbers but obviously each is a derivative of the other so they'll both go on the same day to whoever gets first interview with one as PA and the other as derivative.
Hi friends, so long .I had been one of the selectees of DV-2015 but unfortunately with my case number 2015AF00079910,was not scheduled for an interview.It is my humble prayer that the almighty God creator of heaven and earth do some miracles so that i become one of the dv-2018 selectees with a lower case number.AMEN.