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DV 2018 Kenya Selectees

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by Guriix, Apr 25, 2017.


    MAKMAD New Member

    Hi simon,I'm DV Selectee of 2018 and have girl friend with plan of getting married after a year(probably after getting my Green card).
    My question is how long does it for my girl friend to get her visa? Thanks!
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  2. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    The processing time for sponsoring a spouse is currently about two years.

    MAKMAD New Member

    Thanks sm1smom!
  4. Family2133

    Family2133 Registered Users (C)

    Hey guys, long time. Again its Family2133 of Dv 2014. Guriix, whats up thanks for this forum.
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  5. Pierre82

    Pierre82 Well-Known Member

    Congrats on your selection and I hope you are having a life changing experience in the U.S.
  6. Jorj

    Jorj Active Member

    Years and Years later and @Sm1smom and Britsimon are still out here helping people make it.
    Thank you very much for what you guys do.
    Gurixx, I see you to...cheers brother.
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  7. Afrikana

    Afrikana Member

    Im i allowed to enter DV 2019 if i have already been selected for DV 2018 but yet to have my interview? Is it against the rules?
  8. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    No problem doing so.
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  9. Kojo E

    Kojo E Active Member

    I'm one such person @Afrikana. No worries.
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  10. Amazing Faith

    Amazing Faith Member

    The pace at which the VB is moving is quite worrisome. I think we are in for a looong wait this year!
  11. benz toyota

    benz toyota New Member

    Hey fellow kenyans i would like to know how you fillied this part of the dv form
    8. mailing adress
  12. benz toyota

    benz toyota New Member

    I have failed to upload the image
  13. Guriix

    Guriix Registered Users (C)

    Hey, long time.. Hope America has been good to you
  14. Guriix

    Guriix Registered Users (C)

    It will be a while and with Nairobi having a high number of I-130 applicants and even fewer visas available the wait times are longer for Green Card holders
  15. Julia K

    Julia K New Member

    These forums has really helped me so far. waiting for my interview next month.
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  16. Guriix

    Guriix Registered Users (C)

    All the best Julia, they are usually easy and straight forward when you are prepared.
  17. Afrikana

    Afrikana Member

    Not sure on the specific academic requirement for Kenya. What is the miminum KCSE grade for one to qualify?
  18. Julia K

    Julia K New Member

    minimum is D- (Minus)
  19. Afrikana

    Afrikana Member

    Thank you @Julia K
  20. Afrikana

    Afrikana Member

    I have maintained my current address (where i live) as below in my submitted DS260;


    I remember reading through the blog that the address is supposed to be as specific as possible. My challenge is that we have built a house in an area that is not in a specific estate and there are presently no house numbers.

    Will the details i have maintained in my DS260 above suffice?

    NB: The other places i've lived in the past have estate names & house numbers and i've maintained them correctly in my DS260.
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