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  1. Hey there !

    I find the numbering a bit confusing and would like to just run a few things by you guys if you dont mind.

    1) I have a number that is EU 31XX and was wondering if there is any chance for an interview given how slowly the bulletin moves through. mostly I dont understand how it would ever reach a number higher than 25k with it moving at around 1.5k per month interval.
    2) My application status says that its "At NVC", but on the top of the page it says "At KCC", i contacted the KCC and they say they are waiting to process the DV-260, i have submitted it pretty much instantly after i found out I won. I presume i don't need to send anything extra since I have not been contacted by NVC yet, is that correct ?

    Thank you very much !
  2. Micheal Heat

    Micheal Heat New Member

    1. I assume your CN is not 31XX but 31XXX, correct?
    2. When did you submit the DS-260 form?
  3. 1) yes EU31XXX my bad
    2) I submitted it within few days of results being posted, less than a week
  4. Andra17

    Andra17 New Member

    Hello everyone. I was for the interview today EU2018 and it was totally different from what I expected. I was on and h2b visa from October 2014 until may 2017, I had only 2 employers everything perfectly legal, all my visa extension done the right way, the thing is I appeared in their system as having been denied entry in 2016 at the port of entry, well I was not outside of the US until 2017, I couldn't have been since you cannot go out and enter on an extension, you need a visa in your passport. I explained the situation, then the CO said that my employer called homeland security to revoke my visa, again that didn't happen since I was working for that employer in 2016 and then again in 2017, never had any issues, I checked today with the employer too.
    She said she granted my visa, but I am going to have again the same questioning at the POE, now do you know about any mistakes that immigration do? or how is this possible? The employer that I have worked at the time canceled 3 visas but none was mine, there has been no reason for that in any way. For me this sounds insane, I have been truthful and went with everything by the law and this happens. I was shocked actually at the interview today, good thing I remained calm since I was 100% sure there is a mistake and I have just explained my case in the most honest way. I am just afraid that when I enter the US I am going to have issues and I have no idea what are they talking about or how is something like this possible. If you know any similar cases, please let me know.
  5. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    Well, that’s a strange story but the good news is that if you were granted an immigrant visa, CBP won’t question that on your entry. All that kind of evaluation is done before your immigrant visa is issued.
  6. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    I actually suggest you make sure you have on hand evidence of having entered and resided legally in the US. Be sure to have on hand, a copy of your I-94 showing when you entered the US in 2016 and how long you were admitted for. If you have a copy of your return flight information/boarding pass, that may also come in handy.
  7. Andra17

    Andra17 New Member

    Thank you. So I entered in October 2014, had a visa in my passport until June 2015 (I was on a trip outside the US for a couple of days, in vacation, since I Had multiple entries, I have exited and entered through the same port of entry in May 2015) and I had 4 visa extensions for my h2b visa, I was not outside of the US until May 2017, I have my boarding pass for my return flight for 2017 fo course, I always keep those. I was thinking to take all my pay stubs from 2016 until last day of work, I have them, I also have proof of all my paychecks on my checking account for all my h2b period. I have no Idea what else to take with me. I have asked for proof from my employer like a letter to state there that I have worked for them for that period. All my visa extensions show the period for which they were approved, there is no gap or anything in between, so I was shocked actually, you do everything by the book and then boom, this, without having anything do to with you. I have read about a few cases where some visas got revoked by mistake and I find it crazy.
  8. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    Your pay stubs/pay checks/checking account info/letter from your employer do not prove you were legally admitted into the US. According to your post, the CO said you appear in the system as being denied entry in 2016, none of the stuff you’re listing here disproves that. There are illegal immigrants who can produce all of those in a flash.

    The only thing that proves you were duly inspected and admitted (and not denied an entry) is an I-94. A clear stamp of admittance on your passport may also help, but I would get the I-94 if I was in your shoes.

    You can get copies of recent I-94 and US arrival and departure history for the past 5 years from CBP’s website by the way:
  9. Andra17

    Andra17 New Member

    When you get a visa extension which means a i-94 in your hand you are not getting anything stamped in your passport, the only time when u get a stamp is when you enter the US and you have a visa, which I did back in 2014 september (everything ok in my passport with me being admitted), the date they are saying I was denied entry is a date when I was in the US physically working and I have the extension visa for that to prove it and as I said before my pay stubs for my pay roll, I don't know what else to get extra. The i-94 provided online is not up to date for almost anyone that I know and I know that they have mistakes in their system, I have online the date that I entered the US and the date when I exited the US but no visa extensions are added there, they don't do that, sometimes they are not even accurate for someone entering and exiting the US with a visa in their passport, I do know a few cases. I have no idea how people produce these things (pay roll and all that,I mean in my case I have insurance paid by the employer and I did my taxes and everything the right way), never been in such a position, I have all of those from my employer, anyway still seems insane to be in such a position, apparently doing everything by the book it's not enough anymore? I do not get it how do they miss so many illegal immigrants and make huge mistakes regarding people who didn't do anything wrong.
    Thank you for your information, it is helpful to hear more opinions since you guys hear a lot of stories, at least I know what to expect kind of... I'm not as shocked as I was yesterday for the interview when I heard all this.
    Also I want to thank Brit for all the work he is putting into diversity lottery answering all the questions, I have followed everything he posted and I had no question after reading everything, all went as it says there besides this part with the visa part.
    Thank you again Sm1smon...if you think of anything else or remember something related to this kind of story please let me know. I will be entering the US at the end of July.
  10. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    Of course there’s no online I-94 for a status extension which is what you did from within the US, and NOT a visa extension by the way. A visa is for entering the US, only an embassy can issue a visa. So not seeing an online I-94 for your status extension is not a mistake, that is normal.

    The I-797A Notice of Action you received following your extension approval replaces the one issued at the POE, however the date on that one is not listed online because it is not issued at the POE by CBP.

    And I thought you stated in your earlier post you did leave and re-entered the US in May 2015, and now you say the only stamp in your passport is from September 2014? Makes no sense to me.
  11. George1234

    George1234 New Member


    I have been selected for the EU2018DV and now I'm awaiting my turn for the interview. I saw that the interview pace for Europe is pretty slow, as according to the visa bulletin, for july the cut-off is only at 21900. My number is 23xxx, submitted the DV 206 back in may. I see that the interview appointments are going pretty slow. what numbers are you
  12. Andra17

    Andra17 New Member

    Yes, I was on a cruise in May 2015, however for all of those who were on a cruise when we reentered to the states none of us got another stamp, just the initial one that stated that our visa was until 2015 june 7th valid (which I had stamped in 2014 when I entered from Europe). That has not been a problem, my brother was in the same situation (being in vacation rentering on the same visa and not getting another stamp) and he has entered again the states on an h2b visa last October. Well a lot of things don't make sense to me either go figure. I do have all the I-797A notices of action for all the time I was in the US . I do know cases that do not have I-94 accurate even though they were at the POE. I do understand the terms very well, I just don't get some mistakes that happen,.If you read all my post I have said that the CO after me explaining I was in the US at that time, stated that my employer called homeland and my visa appeared canceled,I talked to my employer that did not happen, however 2 visas got canceled in that period from that employer and since we were more people on the same petition I was thinking that they might have canceled the visas for all of us being under that certain petition.I have read a few stories that I might relate to. Thank you you again.
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  13. Dacke

    Dacke New Member

    I think there is no more hope for EU. VB for August is 32.325 :(
  14. Thomas12

    Thomas12 New Member

    23.325 :( I guess its over, for my case 2018EU***259**
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  15. George1234

    George1234 New Member

    Hey guys, seeing the VB for july and the cut off for August, what are yours thoughts on the September cut offs?
  16. Dacke

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  17. Sara270000

    Sara270000 New Member

    Hi All, can anyone please advise on the two questions below:

    1. I have been living in the US for the past three years (on F1 then on H1b) in two different states and I am wondering if I am required to run an FBI background check prior to my interview in the embassy next month (I chose CP for my case). I read online that I must provide police and criminal records in all the countries where I lived more than 6 months...

    2. Do I have to pay any fee besides the visa fee at the embassy?

    Thanks so much.
  18. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    1. No police cert needed for USA
    2. No other fee. If approved you pay another $220 - but that is paid later.
  19. Sara270000

    Sara270000 New Member

    Thanks Britsimon. Is that fee paid at immigration, in the airport?
  20. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    No - online - either before or after entry.

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