DV 2018 All Selectees

I'll be traveling with my DV visa soon, so went to pay my 220USD green card handling/issuance fee on USCIS' page. After paying the fee I got the option of creating a profile in the USCIS system (my USCIS) - and in that profile, it is possible to edit one's U.S. Mailing address (and add a physical address). So if I wanted to edit it even after entering at POE I could do that. It looks like I can also monitor the status of my processes with USCIS (I551 card production/shipment) via the profile. Neat!


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The connection is Fairfax FO.
So Fairfax denied all 2018 DV based AOS petitions or what precisely are you trying to say? Like I already noted you were both denied for different reasons, help us understand what you’re alluding to by Fairfax being the connection.
I got the letter the denial letter. They didn’t write anything about background check. All they write about high school and admit to US etc. all the requirement they wrote in the letter I already met because I am full time F1 student and I never violate any rules. I don’t understand why they didn’t write we denial your application because you have pending name check like what they told me in infopass.