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DV 2017 OC Selectees

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by MattWatt, May 3, 2016.

  1. laplace4

    laplace4 New Member

    Thanks Simon/MissM88, it was my phone's internet connection. Unfortunately I wasn't selected :/ Another stab of disappointment...3rd time applying (14, 15, 16). Though I am applying from Europe since I was born there, but have grown up in Australia since a little kid. Looks like it's another DV for me, and pursuing the E3 visa! And going for another holiday to the US perhaps :)

    Congratulations to everyone else! I look forward to reading your experiences.

    I actually had a thought...if I were to marry someone born in Australia, who was also applying for the DV, would that increase my/our chances? Since I could apply as from Australia through their birth? And if either of us got selected, we could go together, right? Though Europe does get more selectees going by the data, however Australians have a higher chance owing to the smaller population...
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  2. MissM88

    MissM88 Active Member

    You weren't born in Australia? Had you applied as OC for DV2017? Those that are more knowledgeable may be abl to correct me but as far as I was aware you should not be charging yourself to the OC region. Eligibility goes by country of birth not citizenship

    As for cross chargeability someone else will probably be able to answer that better
  3. laplace4

    laplace4 New Member

    No, sorry I should have been more clear. I applied from my country of birth/Europe, I just mentioned that I've grown up in Australia, hence why I'm posting in this thread. In any case, if I did apply as from Australia/OC, and suppose I was selected, I would have been rejected when having to prove my place of birth.

    For the record, the country I was born in is Macedonia, which seems to get around 200~ selectees, though I think under 100 get through. I always assumed that I'd have a better chance coming from a small population country (2 million), since I'm assuming that the lottery also has to take into account each country and how many random draws are made per each one.
  4. MissM88

    MissM88 Active Member

    Sorry - I thought you had as this thread is for those in the OC 2017 DV
  5. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    Yes, if you marry an OCer, you will increase your chance of selection massively. You would elect to charge to your spouses country of birth (5x increase in chance), plus there would be two of you (2x chance of selection).
  6. laplace4

    laplace4 New Member

    Interesting. Since I'd elect to charge to my spouses country of birth (OC), would it be a problem when submitting/documents/interview (assuming we won), that I was originally born in a country that is still valid for the DV? In just about all the instances I've seen of spouses electing to charge to their spouses country of birth, it's because they themselves are from an ineligible country. In my case it would only be to increase my chances...would that be viewed suspiciously, or seen as a clever maneuver?
  7. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    It would be seen as a clever - because it is exploiting the rules - but ina legitimate way. I wrote about it at the link below after it was clarified a few months ago.

  8. MattWatt

    MattWatt Active Member

    All this, of course, is assuming that your intended actually qualifies for DV entry (education or work experience). Otherwise, the point is moot.
  9. laplace4

    laplace4 New Member

    ^^Yes, definitely.

    Thanks Simon.
  10. JessicaElle

    JessicaElle Member

    I feel like we should start a "700 Club" ;)
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  11. connectedspace

    connectedspace Active Member

    Congratulations, selectees! I've been through this process twice, finally got an interview a month ago and now have that fancy sticker in my passport. Mrs Space and I weren't drawn this year (I did enter, just in case!).

    When I was drawn the first time, despite the high CN, it was one of the most exciting feelings I've ever experienced. So much possibility! Savour it, guys :)

    Has anybody seen what the higher OC case numbers are for this year? How many selectees there were in total?
  12. MissM88

    MissM88 Active Member

    The data hasn't been released. Someone in another forum told me they were selected with an OC case number over 2000 but I am not sure if they are telling the truth or not
  13. connectedspace

    connectedspace Active Member

    Actually, this is s really good idea. When Mrs Space and I move over next year, it'll either be to Chicago or NYC. We'd be more than happy to provide an address for prospective OCers. If we like you and you don't smell too bad, maybe even a couch to crash on :D

    It can be tough immigrating with nothing and knowing nobody. We're fortunate enough to have a bit of infrastructure in place, and there are many cases and times where we could help other expats make the transition.
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  14. lottic

    lottic Member

  15. lottic

    lottic Member

    I'm in the process of filling out the DS-260 form now and have some questions. Is this the appropriate thread to ask those questions?

    Also, going from previous years, when could i expect an interview? CN OC8**

    Thanks guys!
  16. MissM88

    MissM88 Active Member

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  17. jacinta

    jacinta New Member

    I got selected with 2017OC2xx. I applied for the first time because of my husband, he wants to move as his parents are there. He was not selected but I was lucky. I have completed my DS-260 but missed high school info but entered about my masters and bachelors. I think my interview will be around oct/nov. I can post my experience here if anyone is interested about my visa processing.
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  18. EmilyW

    EmilyW Well-Known Member

    Did you finish high school? If so, I would include it. The Bachelors and Masters are great, but make sure your DS260 is as complete as it can be.


    Good on you for sharing your processing experience. If others are interested, the 2015 and 2016 threads have quite a few interview experiences as well. They are very good reads and help to take the edge off what can be a stressful process.
  19. jacinta

    jacinta New Member

    Thanks Emily,
    Emailed KCC to unlock DS-260 to add high school. Sure I will go through 2015 and 2016. Excited and nervous same time.
  20. Chriso

    Chriso Member

    After case number 1869 in 2015 im now 0486 and pretty sure thats it :D been to the states 7 times and lived in canada for 2 years. Cant wait to move my business there.
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