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DV 2017 OC Selectees

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by MattWatt, May 3, 2016.

  1. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    Rather take your time to fill it in properly than rush to get it done ASAP...
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  2. MissM88

    MissM88 Active Member

    Yes I'm on the VisaWaiver :) Thank you

    One last dumb question (promise will be the last for a while! :) ) Does it matter if you failed one subject in high school? I didn't think it mattered as I passed everything else and gained my cert (which even states i have gained the required marks to pass and obtain my year 12 certificate- I even got into uni but never ended up going) hence why I applied. Yet on another forum I just saw someone say you will get denied if you didn't pass every subject you did? Can @Britsimon or someone shed some light on this?
  3. EmilyW

    EmilyW Well-Known Member

    @san92, take your time with the DS260. You don't get to jump the line if you submit it straight away. And interviews don't start until October.

    @MissM88, failing one subject won't be an issue, so long as you have your certificate saying you acquired your high school certificate.
  4. MissM88

    MissM88 Active Member

    Yes I do have it - Thanks @EmilyW :)
  5. LazyDoggie

    LazyDoggie Active Member

    Hi @san92, as mentioned earlier by others, take your time to fill in the DS-260 form. Do not rush now.
    I am currently looking for a permanent place to stay and once I get one, I will share my residential address with you which you can fill in this section.
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  6. MattWatt

    MattWatt Active Member

    Now THAT is the Aussie spirit that I had hoped to see rise eventually. With quite a few trusted Aussies on this forum already having made their way States-side, I'm surprised that we haven't got an ex-pat network up and running already offering addresses to use (not abuse) for new DV winners.

    THANK YOU @LazyDoggie for stepping up and making such a generous offer!!
  7. MissM88

    MissM88 Active Member

    It is definately nice and a great idea :) I'd be more than happy too as well once i get stateside (providing I get an interview and approved of course haha)

    Such a nice suggestion/idea lazydoggie :)
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  8. san92

    san92 Member

    Thank you @LazyDoggie .. Much appreciated. I have asked quite a few friends if they know anyone so they're keeping a tab on it and will update me once they find someone. Oh no.. I am not rushing at all. I just had all the information that was required so I filled it in pretty much straight forward (perks of being unemployed-recent uni grad). I sort of put in a fake address just to see what the other sections were about, but they were straight forward as well. So I have saved everything and just waiting to find an address.
    This forum has been so helpful.. I cannot thank you guys enough.
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  9. EmilyW

    EmilyW Well-Known Member

    Don't stress too much about the address. You can always change it right up to the Point of Entry. Put down any address: friend, colleague, hotel.
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  10. Hey Guys!

    I found out yesterday I was selected CN 6XX. Over the moon!
    Really happy that I got a lower number this time, unlike 2014 :(
    Congrats to all of the 2017 selectees!

    I just filled out the the ds-260 form & wanted to clarify a few things with anyone who can help.

    *Do they normally send the Greencard to an address in the USA? Is that a new thing?

    *Also, now that I've submitted the DS260 - Do we just wait? ...And gather the supporting documents in the meantime?

    *Not sure what to do about a 'medical', or what's expected of me...

    Thanks so much!

    Jerome ;)
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  11. san92

    san92 Member

    Just curious as to what a lower case number really implies?
    And what would be considered a lower case number?
  12. MissM88

    MissM88 Active Member

    Congrats @GreatestNameofAll that's awesome :) In regards to the Green Card yes they send it to a US address (not overseas) not sure if it's been any different in the past or not. Now you need to wait for your number to become current which will be released in the monthly bulletins (for past bulletins to give you an idea of when you might become current see http://britsimonsays.com/historical-visa-bulletin-numbers/

    @san92 the lower the case number the greater the chance of an interview (my interpretation anyway). We're very lucky to be in the OC region as not many would miss out if it doesnt become current ***in comparison*** to other regions due to the sheer size of applicants.

    Just an example - last year all became current, year before all CN under 1490 were 'fine' etc
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  13. MissM88

    MissM88 Active Member

    Also if it's not stepping on anyone's toes - I really like the OCDV2015 table that was made (in the drop box) I am happy and have started keeping a record for OCDV2017

    (if this offends anyone or steps 0n anyone elses toes let me know) just thought it would be good to keep a record to be helpful for futre applicants :)
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  14. AbunjaMak

    AbunjaMak New Member

    Hello My love JessicaElle. I have added me and child to DS260. We can arrange marriage. I love you my love
  15. Thanks @MissM88 :)

    And @san92 - I really mean anything below about 1500... In 2014 I was selected with a number 15xx number & It never became current, along with many others that year. It's not to say that a person with a high CN won't get an interview, it's just more stressful in my opinion.
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  16. AbunjaMak

    AbunjaMak New Member

    By the Grace of God we were selected! 2017OC000007xx!! Low CN should we get interview?
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  17. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    It's not a new thing that they send the green card to an address in the US...always been this way... after all you will be a resident ;) ...Just making sure for clarification - newbies don't always know this - that you are aware the process is that you go for an interview, if you are successful you get an immigrant visa, and finally once you have landed in the US with that immigrant visa (and thereby become a permanent resident) you get sent your green card.

    Second, yes wait and collect supporting documents in the meanwhile, except police certificate as those usually have expiry dates so don't get one till you have a good idea when your interview will be.

    Medical - once you have an interview scheduled, go along and say "yes doctor" to whatever the doctor tells you to do

    Other than that ensure you read the dvselectee pages thoroughly, including any links in them, and britsimon's very helpful website.
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  18. MissM88

    MissM88 Active Member

    Yay another CN7** - Congrats :) For privacu purposes though might be a good idea to edit your case number to just show 7**
  19. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

  20. san92

    san92 Member

    Wow! I am such a total novice!
    I was looking back at my application form and am quite unsure as to how to go about filling in "Present and Previous Address Information". So I had been living in Fiji until I was 17 and then moved to Sydney for uni. After finishing uni last year, I came back to Fiji.

    So the first section under that heading is "Present Address": [ I only ever had two addresses]
    -I am living at the place where I was born in so in the tab "started living here" should I write January 2016 or when I was born.

    -IN the next section I am prompted to write all the addresses I stayed at after turning 16 beginning with the address immediately before my current address. So I ended up filling up my Sydney address from 2012-2015. But since there is a gap of one year between me turning 16 and before actually moving to Sydney, I also ended up writing my current address and my stay from the moment I turned 16 to the day I left for Sydney.

    I am really not sure if this is show I am suppose to be filling in this section but your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



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