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DV 2017 OC Selectees

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by MattWatt, May 3, 2016.

  1. MissM88

    MissM88 Active Member

    Sitting here in total shock... Also have been selected. Case number OC7**[​IMG]
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  2. MissM88

    MissM88 Active Member

    Congrats Jesscica!!!I also got selected with case number OC7** :)
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  3. EmilyW

    EmilyW Well-Known Member

    Oh, this is taking me back to the day we found out we had won. Two years later, living the dream in the US.

    Congrats OCers 2017!!!!
  4. Qewty

    Qewty Registered Users (C)

    Congratulations JessicaElle! :)

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  5. JessicaElle

    JessicaElle Member

    Thanks Matt. I'm so sorry to hear it wasn't your year this year- I feel a little guilty to be so excited.
  6. JessicaElle

    JessicaElle Member

    How exciting Shaunna!! Congrats to you too.
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  7. JessicaElle

    JessicaElle Member

    Thanks Qewty! :)
  8. MissM88

    MissM88 Active Member

    I wonder why this year they dont make a mention of holding the details for a certain period for those that werent selected? or why they didnt note the total number of selectees? Hopefully CN7** is still considered low

    Dont mean to be annoyingly asking questions already lol but @Britsimon going off previous years, do you have a rough idea when CN7** would be interviewed?

    And thank you for your site - it's become like a bible to me already haha
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  9. MattWatt

    MattWatt Active Member

    Don't be silly. Rejoice in your good fortune - we long-timers certainly are. Always happy to see / hear of people winning, even if we haven't ourselves.
  10. MattWatt

    MattWatt Active Member

    I'd say probably Dec this year. Get your DS-260 in now, and get your paperwork ready. Once you get your 2NL, get your medicals done.
  11. neko83

    neko83 Registered Users (C)

    Don't ever feel guilty about it! We all enter understanding it's a lottery. For those that are lucky enough to be selected we are genuinely excited and happy for you! Embrace the opportunity that's now in front of you and enjoy the ride :)
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  12. Knee Coal

    Knee Coal New Member

    A huge congrats to JessicaElle and MissM88! It must be really exciting! I'm ecstatic on your behalves!

    This is my first year applying but it certainly won't be my last. For all other people from the Land Down Under, I wish you luck in your futures applying. I guess the main thing is to keep on keeping! I'm a little glad I didn't get it this year, I'm still swimming in my Honours year and I need to sort out my PhD for next year and beyond so I guess while that settles next year, I'll apply again.

    Keep us posted on your journeys! And I wish you both the best of luck. Maybe sometime in the future we could all meet up somewhere in America and laugh at things like "tomato sauce". Haha. <3
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  13. MissM88

    MissM88 Active Member

    First of hopefully not too many silly questions :)

    I was reading some info on @Britsimon 's website and came across this section

    If you have a temporary US visitors visa (or might need one in the future) you should be aware that there is a slight risk that your DV application (if you proceed) can be evidence that you have "immigrant intent". That can make it more difficult to get a visa in the future if you do not secure the Green Card through the DV program.

    I have a holiday booked to America (only 11 days) this June 27 - July 9th. Do you think it will be an issue? With my case number OC7** I wasn't sure whether I should wait to submit my 260 form or not (not rushing to it today, spending the next week or so reading everything I can get my hands on lol
  14. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    Your holiday should not be a p[roblem. You are probably on a visa waiver program - right? In that case no problem, and it would only be a problem if you were applying for a visa after submitting the DS260.
  15. Qewty

    Qewty Registered Users (C)

    I am also swimming in my final honours year and contemplating what PhD looks like if I start here and move. We may have to compare notes!

  16. san92

    san92 Member

    Pretty ecstatic! second year applying and luck happened to be on my side this time around.
    my case number is low 5xx. was wondering what all I need to get done?
    Was filling in the DS 260 form but stopped when I reached the address section, as there is one section where I have to state where I intend to live and if I would be using this address to receive my greencard (if i do get it). I read a few other forums and they all said to use any address as you have the option to change it later on.

    I understand I have to get my medicals done, police clearance and get all other documentation ready upon the confirmation of an interview. However, I am wondering if they would ask about finances/ etc or that is not a question they ask at interviews.

    Attached Files:

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  17. EmilyW

    EmilyW Well-Known Member

    If you are interviewing in Sydney, they don't tend to ask about finances as a general rule.

    However, it's always worth going in prepared to answer that question and/or provide proof. I had prepared a statement of our financial position (assets vs liabilities) just in case they asked.
  18. san92

    san92 Member

    Ah ok. I just moved back to Fiji, was only in Sydney for my uni. Well lets hope this works out. Would probably start saving so that my statement looks good if I am selected for an interview.
  19. MissM88

    MissM88 Active Member

    Congrats on getting selected san92 :)

    Purely going by past stats on Britsimon's site (http://britsimonsays.com/historical-visa-bulletin-numbers/) you may get an interview around November - Jan. Congrats!
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  20. san92

    san92 Member

    Thank you :) and congrats to you too :) missm88
    I'm just stuck at the section where we gotta fill in an address where we intend to stay. Since I do not know anyone I don't know what to write. Absolutely gutted now. I really wanted to fill in that section ASAP but I have no idea what to write
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