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Thanks guys for your update...

I was just looking at the CIC website and it mentioned that they were processing Feburary applications but here from the forum it seems like few applications submitted in March have received initial assesment...

Just keep us all updated...



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After reading a few posts (ramana-app. date April 25/02), I was under the impression that they were approving those with 75 and above a lot quicker and those with less than 75 in the back burner.

But Satishjha, with 92 points and an earlier applicant than ramana still has not received anything. Probably my theory isn't right !

But don't they process applications in the order in which they receive them ?


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Canadian people asked us to do medicals in two months? But my wife is India. She will be back in US after two months? can she do medicals in India?


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French tutor

Hi everyone!

Just to help all those people who are falling short of points, there is a friend of mine who lives in San Jose and is a French tutor. She is a qualified tutor and is aware of the proficiency required.

Please write to me at razz1008@hotmail.com if you are interested. I will send you her email and you can take it from there.


krishna raj k

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I have a question on medicals and have read postings by ramkum etc. In my letter (where they waived interview), it ust says that medical info is provided blah blah blah.

Can somebody point me to where it said '60 days for medicals' or 'medicals needed before xyz....'. I have been reading the form carefully but have not yet found what is the deadline for medicals. I mean by when should I take it.



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I applied for PR at buffalo on April 16, 2002 and got file number on September 27, 2002. Today I received a phone call from buffalo consulate and they told me that they are currently processing my application and they asked me to fax them my updated information. They asked specifically for:

- Bank Statement
- recent Paystub
- my current status in USA (Visa,etc)

They asked my to send them these information in order to speed up processing my application. They didn't tell me if a decison has been made in my case or not, but the officer who called me was very friendly. I don't know if anyone experienced this before....... I just wanted to share this with you and I will keep you posted about any other development.

All the best :)


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Education requirement for canada

According to CIC, If you have a Master's Degree or Ph.D. and at least 17 years of full time or full-time equivalent study, you score 25 points. I did my M.Sc (in bio-chemistry) in India. (12+3yrs of B.SC + 2 Yrs of M.Sc). Can I claim full 25 points ? Please help me make this decision. Thanks in advance.


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I have one question.

Is that true the you can get 25 (full points on education) with only 17 years education?

I have 18 years education in total and I am doing my master in second year in Canada, the reason I delay my graduation intentionally is once I graduate I am going to lose my legal status in Canada.

Your kindly help is appreciated!


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Having 17 years or more alone is not enough to get 25 points.You have to have Masters or Phd AND 17 years full time or equivalent part time education according to CIC website


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I see, thanks!

I have been waiting for my interview in Seattle since Jan.,
I don't even get letter from Seattle about recieving my application materials from Buffalo till now.

I have no idea when my interview will be scheduled, some news say that CIC has stopped all application cases which were sent before Jan. 1st,2002 because of the court decision.

Any information about interview needed applicants who applied before Jan.1 st, 2002?


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Finally got the passport request

Old record:

Completed the medicals on Feb 03 and got the passport request from Buffalo on 16th Jul (letter dated Jul 10th). They had asked me to wait for 6 months before doing the medical, but I did it earlier and took a chance. Doing it earlier did not seem to help. If I had waited 6 months, I would have done the medical in early May. Even in that case, the medical probably would have been cleared by now assuming that the doctor sends it promptly. In my case the doctor's office sent it only after about 2 months. Usually that is not the case.

I'll be sending in my passport for stamping this week.

New record

Good luck everybody.