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  1. arc_sap

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    visa stamped

    I have my case detail..

    applied in 04 June,06 and
    and File Transfer to NY on 25 April 07.
    Document Requested: 18 Oct 07
    Document submitted: 6 Nov 07
    Passport Requested : 27 Dec 07
    Passport Received : 24 Jan 08
    In Person from New York.

    Thanks alot for all the help....
  2. Bubble12

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    Question regarding Canada Immigration

    I as an applicant applied for Canada Immigr. in March 2005 along with my husband as coapplicant. We had our Medical Exam done in June 2006. Now I as an applicant got medical forms again. My husband's form did not come. What does that mean? 2 questions: Does it mean for me that all my background check is complete and now they are asking for Medical Exam again because it is only valid for 1 year. And soon I will get PR.

    2nd question: My husband did not receive it because they are still doing his background check, or since I am the applicant so he does not have to get the medical exam done. Please shed some light. Thanks.
  3. vel_a

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    Visa Stamped

    Here are my case details:
    09-JUL-2007 - Applied
    09-AUG-2007 - File # received
    15-Aug-2007 - IELTS Requested
    03-Nov-2007 - IELTS done
    16-Jan-2008 - File transferred to NY
    06-Feb-2008 - Request for Medicals test
    28-Mar-2008 - Medicals Done
    18-June-2008 - Request for Passports
    18-July-2008 - Received stamped passports

    Wishing you all the best!
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    Apply for canadian PR

    I would like to apply for canadian PR in skilled worker category. I am in USA. Once I complete all the forms, do we need to send it to Buffallo address? I was confused in the application form and just wanted to make sure.

    Just to let you know that I applied for canadian PR five years back and I was approved. But I did not land. Does it create any problem in re applying?

    I really appreciate the answer.

  6. JYW2004

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    Use PR card entering Canada

    Hi Everyone,
    Does anyone know if the canada immigration swip your PR card every time when entering Canada by land?
    Also, I would like to know if the Canada know when you leave Canada by US airplain?
    I would really appreciate your help
  7. immicanada

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    Dear Friends!
    Canadian immigration is expedited and easy now
    for more information
  8. tusharvk

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    change of immigration rules

    If one is looking to immigrate in the skilled workers category, have the rules changed in the recent past? I read from the cic website that, unless the worker's exp is in the areas listed on the website. Previously, one could find software engineers and mechanical engineers on that. Have those occupations been dropped?
  9. gc2canada

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