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Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by in limbo, May 29, 2002.

  1. ohioperm

    ohioperm Registered Users (C)

    Local office

    Can somebody please tell me what the difference between the applications that are sent to local offices versus the ones that are not? What is the difference in the process? My application was sent to a local office.
    I appreciate any input.
  2. dhm2002

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    Why they sent to local offices I don't know. Probably need more processing or since they lowered the points lots of people applied so may be too much burden on buffalo.
    Mine is at LA consulate now. Process is the same but some local offices are better. NY, Seattle seem to be as fast as Buffalo but LA is one of the slower ones.
    what is your time line?

    mine is AOR: May 2005
    Case sent to LA March 2006
    IA: August 2006
    Medicals:August 2006
    Additional tests requested: Oct end 2006
    Tests done: Nov beginning 2006

  3. ohioperm

    ohioperm Registered Users (C)

    hi dhm2002
    Thanks for your reply. My time line is
    AOR received Sept 2005
    Case sent to Detroit Sept 2006
    I have not heard anything from them yet.
  4. rkommid

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    Permanent Residence in Canada - Los Angeles Center

    I applied for PR in Canada through Buffalo office in August 2005, I sent all the material requested for in the initial application package and they asked me to take IELTS in October 2005. I submitted my IELTS scores in October 2005 and got a letter in August 2006 that my case was being transferred to Los Angeles center. The LA office sent me a letter saying that after initial assesment the visa officer has deemed that i need not attend interview but they have the right to call for one at any time and they sent me medical forms. I completed my medicals in the third week of November 2006.

    Can anyone tell what happens next and how long does it take. Thank you very much for your time and patience.

  5. dhm2002

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    next communication from them will take 2 to 4 months. if medicals are ok then you will get PP request.

  6. rkommid

    rkommid Registered Users (C)

    Landing in Toronto instead of Vancuover

    I completed my medicals last week. I mentioned the intended place of stay in Canada as Vancuover in the initial PR application, will it be a problem if I land in Toronto. Thanks

  7. ohioperm

    ohioperm Registered Users (C)

    Received IA

    I received IA from the Detroit office yesterday. Here is my timeline
    Applied to Buffalo -September 2005
    Received AOR: September 7, 2005
    File transferred to Detroit: September 12, 2006
    Received IA: December 7, 2006
    Interview is waived

    My question is what happens after you get the passport stamped? What is the time limit to enter Canada?
  8. onlyjayaram

    onlyjayaram New Member

    Planning to Apply for PR

    Could any of you guide me in applying canadian PR?

    I am planning to apply it after 1 month. what all i need to do before that?

    In this forum, I found that the PCC, finger print, Medicals can be done after 3 months after PR application is sent.

    For work experience and English proficiency, what is needed to submit?

    Immigration gurus.. pls help
  9. ohioperm

    ohioperm Registered Users (C)

    Read everything in this website. It is very detailed. You don't have to do the medicals for the initial application. They will request it later.
  10. onlyjayaram

    onlyjayaram New Member

    PR help

    I have verified the cic.gc.ca website, and found all necessary docs to be submitted. all I need is the steps and guidence from experience of some one.

    By reading this forum, I understood that PCC, fingerprints,medical can be submitted sometime later after submitting the application. this is not mentioned in cic.gc.ca website.

    Iam in Texas USA. I think I need to apply thru Buffalo consulate. I dont think I qualify for simplified application. please suggest.
    can any one let me know how much is the approx. expense for 2 members.

    Can I go ahead and submit application?
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  11. tusharvk

    tusharvk Registered Users (C)

    I looked over at the website and do not see any mention of simplified application. What is this?
  12. Fair

    Fair Registered Users (C)


    Can anyone tell me how long it takes to receive the receipt after you mail the application? A friend of mine applied in early Nov. 2006 and still have not gotten the receipt. Thanks. :)
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  13. ray6855

    ray6855 Registered Users (C)

    the application receipt should come back woithin 30 days, if you/your friend has any proof of your application being sent by post etc, forward that to the consulate.
  14. sri2007

    sri2007 Registered Users (C)

    Application Sent to Buffalo:Jan 11th 2007
    AOR :Feb 1st 2007
  15. Fair

    Fair Registered Users (C)

    Thank you

    Thanks!!! I think the delay might be because my friend has not finished her FBI check to the consulate yet.
  16. arc_sap

    arc_sap Registered Users (C)

    need info

    I applied in 04 June,06 and
    and File Transfer to NY on 25th April 07.
    What will happen next. or what will be the next step.
    can anybody guess how long dose the procedure takes?

  17. cadenceboy

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    time frame of my case

    Just want to share it with others:

    Application Data: Feb. 19, 2005, to Buffalo Office
    AOR letter Data: Mar 23, 2005;
    As requested, took IELTS exam in July 2005;
    Transferred to Local Consulate (New York office) in Feb 2006
    Initial Assessment: Feb. 28, 2006, interview waived
    Medical Done: Oct. 26, 2007
    Passport Requested: Mar. 22, 2007
    Visa Received: Apr. 09, 2007
  18. sri2007

    sri2007 Registered Users (C)

    Application Sent to Buffalo:Jan 11th 2007
    AOR :Feb 1st 2007
    Medical forms received:August 6th 2007
  19. satishnarra

    satishnarra Registered Users (C)

    Very Fast Case

    Looks like this is fastest case at Buffalo now a days...
  20. gvGreenCard

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    Need Clarification

    Hi All,
    I am thinking to apply for Canada PR. I read all the docs in the web site, and understood that I have to use Regular process, Can some one clarify the following questions..

    1. Do I need to submit police clearance and FBI fingerprinting before submiting the application?.
    2. Do I need to take the english exam before submitting the application. Does my wife need to take this exam?.

    As per as processing is concerned, will it make any difference if I use a representative like Protech Immigration services.



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