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Buffalo Tracker (please add)

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by in limbo, May 29, 2002.

  1. in limbo

    in limbo Registered Users (C)

    Hi folks,
    Just thought I\'d start a tracker for the Buffalo office. Feel free to update with your info.

    App received : July 5th 2001
    AOR : Pending
    Interview: Pending
    Medicals: Pending
    Landing Papers: Pending
  2. shirni

    shirni Member

    My Case

    Applied : April 25th
    Recieved File Number : June 25th
    For Medical forms and the rest : Waiting
  3. Danny Pu

    Danny Pu Registered Users (C)

    Applied July 26

    Applied July 26, waiting for the receipt.
  4. rsagar

    rsagar Registered Users (C)

    No Title

    Sent application materials on Oct 12th. Waiting for the rest.
  5. rsingh01

    rsingh01 Registered Users (C)

    file sent Sep 9

    file sent sep 8th
    no further info
  6. i140sufferer

    i140sufferer Registered Users (C)

    buffalo tracker

    sent 14th August, waiting
  7. GJI

    GJI Registered Users (C)

    Sent on July 10, check cashed on 25, waiting

  8. ImFreak

    ImFreak Registered Users (C)


    File Recieved on Oct 8th and checks cashed on Oct 12th, expecting the recipt number around Jan some time, Best of luck for you guys.
  9. Bhupender Singh

    Bhupender Singh Registered Users (C)

    Waiting after file no...

    Applied : May 17th
      Recieved File Number : July 30th
      For Medical forms and the rest : Waiting
  10. GJI

    GJI Registered Users (C)

    Applied on 10 July, Recieved file no on 11 Oct.

    I hope this helps. If anyone else also got it then please post.
  11. nave

    nave New Member

    applied 28 Aug, waiting for the file #

  12. U Kumar

    U Kumar Registered Users (C)

    Please advise?

    How long does it take to receive medical papers etc.
    from Buffalo after you get AOR receipt?
    Please advise. Thanks.
  13. McGoo

    McGoo Registered Users (C)

    Any place to get FIngerprints taken in NY - Westchester County or Queens?

  14. pkatragadda

    pkatragadda Registered Users (C)

    Applied 6th june ,Recieved File No: 28th Aug

    Applied 6th June ,Recieved File No: 28th Aug
  15. McGoo

    McGoo Registered Users (C)

    What is the next step?

    After getting the File Nr. what do you have to do now? WHat is the next step and when is it expected to happen?
    Thanks and good luck!
  16. pkatragadda

    pkatragadda Registered Users (C)

    Sent FBI fingerprint

    Immediately sent the FBI finger print form and now waiting for their
    20 weeks time frame to recieve medical forms. January will
    be my next contact with Canadian office
  17. GJI

    GJI Registered Users (C)

    Police station or court house or Mail Boxes etc or

    If you still cannot get it then contact FBI directly. Get NY phone no from http://www.fbi.gov .

    Hope this helps.
  18. McGoo

    McGoo Registered Users (C)

    No Title

    Can I send the fingerprints card to the FBI even before I submit my Application to the Consulate in Buffalo or you can only send the card to the FBI once you get the File Nr?
    How long does the FBI take ?
    Thanks and good luck!
  19. GJI

    GJI Registered Users (C)

    Any time

    You can send it before sending application to Buffalo. Offcourse you can send application after receiving FBI reply. I spoke to someone at FBI last week, they said it would take about 2-3 weeks.
  20. pkatragadda

    pkatragadda Registered Users (C)

    Either Way possible.

    Either way possible.

    Send application first if FBI finerprint check delays.

    FBI check of ur record takes 3 weeks.

    Good to send with all together.

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