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    travelling to us from India without H1B transfer petition approval

    Hi, I have my passport stamped till 2018 from old employer. I got job in new employer and did a normal H1B Transfer. Still the status is showing as case was received. Old employer has cancelled my petition. Now i came to India, my new employer told not to file premium. you can come with H1B...
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    H1B Approved but H4 Extension is pending

    So Here is my situation I was on H4 with valid I-94 (Expired on September 27, 2016). my employer filed my H1b in April which got approved on Oct 22, 2016. So, to not lose my immigration status i filed H4 Extension on September 22nd, 2016 which is still pending with USCIS. So my concern is what...
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    Hello All, My friend has been given 3 years probation. Since his work visa was ending , judge sentence him that if he is out of US, his probation is suspended and if he returns back he has to serve his probation. He was sentenced in Atlanta, GA for Invasion of Privacy (OCGA 16.11.62; Kindly...
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    Hello All, My friend has been given 3 years probation. Since his work visa was ending , judge sentence him that if he is out of US, his probation is suspended and if he returns back he has to serve his probation. He was sentenced in Atlanta, GA If he returns back to US (for work ) in any city...
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    H4 after 221g on H1B

    My wife had received 221g (client letter, client-vendor contracts) on her H1B stamping interview Chennai. She can't provide them immediately, but she has to travel to US due to personal situations. I am on H1B and I have approved I-140. 1. Can she go for H4 stamping immediately without...
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    H4 application when H1B rejected 3yrs back & tourist visa rejected 2 yrs back

    I got married in Aug 2016 and my husband is working in US on H1B and my H4 visa is being applied by his employer. The issue is that i got a H1B rejected in 2013 due to lack of evidence provided by Company during RFE. The company applying for my H1B were paid consultants, I paid them to apply my...
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    H1b Stamping - Chennai

    I had booked appointment for me and two kids. VAC: Entered the building 25 mins before my appointment time. Except passports and kids photo, none of the other documents were checked. Very quick process done in 15 mins. I didn't take my kids with me, so I carried their passports and 1 photo. I...
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    I485 Application type for someone on H1B

    Hi all! I am completing the I-485 form and am stuck on part 2 "Application type". I work at a University in the US on an H1B Visa. Do I choose a) an immigrant petition giving me an immediately available immigrant visa number that has been approved or h) other basis of eligibility And if A: what...
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    J1 Expires in August. Another company wants to offer me employment

    Hello guys! I need urgent help on an issue that is going on with my immigration status. I am on a J1 visa until August 16th (to work) and September 16th (to travel). My visa is for 13 months. I arrived in August 2015. I work for a big corporation, however I met with an owner of a small...
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    Pls help H1b from Japan for Indian

    Dear All I am currently in Japan from my company in India and I am an employee of the Japan Branch of my company.I have an engineer status visa in Japan for 5 years.I hold an Indian passport. Is it possible for me to attend the H1B visa interview in the American consulate of Japan. Are there...
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    J1 on official passport, F1 on regular passport

    I have a question related to J1 visa with 2 year home residency requirement (HRR) on official passports, which are the passports issued to people working for the government in my home country for the purpose of business-related travelling. My friend used her regular passport to come to the U.S...
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    OPT expires May of this year...help!

    My OPT expires in May 2016, How many days I can stay in the US, if my H1B Application gets rejected in the lottery?
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    I94 expired. Can I apply for H-1B transfer?

    My I94 has expired and my current employer has filed for an extension which is in progress. Can I apply for an H1-B transfer for another employer while employer A's extension is in progress? What are all the things to be considered in this case?
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    I 140 Denied - Effects on Visa Stamping

    Hello Guys, My I-140 under EB2 was recently denied stating that my university doesn't have accreditation by the time I have graduated from it. To give some background about my self I came to USA on F1. After graduation I got OPT using which I have started working directly to a client. Later...
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    new H1b while GC is in progress

    I am currently on H4 visa and my souse's green card process is going in parallel (I140 about to be filed). While green card process is ongoing, can I file for a H1b visa starting April 1, 2016?
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    Tax problem and H1B

    I was previously on an H1B and left thinking that all my taxes were clear. However, a few years after leaving the US I found the IRS had taken some money from an account I left running in the US. With this problem will it still be possible for to get an H1B and reenter the US? Thanks.
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    Can I do H1B extension while H1B amendment is pending

    Hello Friends, My H1B amendment is pending for about 3 months and I would like to file H1B extension since my validity is expiring soon. Can I file H1B extension while my H1B amendment is still pending. Can you please suggest? Thanks.
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    Can I maintain a legal H-1B visa status if I do not work for half of a year?

    I am in US on a part-time H-1B visa. I am working in TV industry and the show runs on a seasonal base. We just wrapped up this year's work which means I will not have to work for the next 6 months until the next year's show begins. My question is: can I stay in US legally for these "vacant" 6...