Can I get a valid US visa with my new surname (after marriage) on a passport which has old surname?


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I am a Polish citizen currently present in US on F1 Visa. I will be doing a court marriage with a Chinese national in the US.
I am planning to take my future husband's surname.

Updating my surname in my Polish passport is a long and time taking process. I am planning to go to Poland right after our wedding to see my family and a small ceremony there.
Will it be possible to do something like this:

1. Get married here in the US and then get the marriage certificate (the name on it will be new surname)
2. Go to Poland with the passport which has an old surname. I will book the air ticket with my old surname.
3. Attend visa interview there to get H4 stamped and while filing DS-160 I will specify the new name.
4. Get the H4 stamp with new surname on passport which has old surname

1. Will it be possible to obtain an H4 stamp with the new surname on a passport which has my old surname?
2. Will the Polish USCIS issue an H4 stamp based on US marriage certificate or I need a Polish one too?
2. Is a visa which has last name difference valid and accepted by the agencies?
3. Will I be able to get into the US without trouble using this passport and visa with my marriage certificate?