1. M

    Travel document for green card holder

    Hi everyone, is there anyways I receive travel document with longer expiration? I have green card, but I’m waiting for about 10 months to receive travel document! The USCIS website says it takes over 12 months!!! That’s insane! The processing time is longer than expiration of the document!!! I...
  2. E

    Greencard renewal form I-90 after 10 years

    I currently have a greencard which expired in 2010 and wanted to renew it. The issue at hand is that I have been living in Colombia and have not returned to the US since 2016 and am afraid my greencard will not be renewed as I have been out of the country for over 5 years. If I file form I-90 am...
  3. Subash08

    Complications through consular processing DUE TO MY AGE

    Hey, Here is a my current situation, I am as of now in India, My dad's i140 was approved in 2011 and our Visa is current as of 2021, My dad changed his employer since than. Here are my questions 1.Does my dad have to change his current employer during the consular processing or could he join...
  4. Subash08

    Green Card Process

    Hey, Here is a my current situation, I am as of now in India, My dad's i140 was approved in 2011 and our Visa is current as of 2021, My dad changed his employer since than. Here are my questions 1.Does my dad have to change his current employer during the consular processing or could he join...
  5. C

    Approved I-140 EB 2 NIW, how long will take to schedule an interview ?

    Hi, my EB-2 NIW case has been approved in May 2020, I just wondering how long it will take interview to be scheduled ? Is there anyone who has recently interviewed or waived for interview?
  6. V

    Traveling to retain GC, please advise

    Hi, Please advise as it will help me in this last minute . I moved to India in 2017 December and I visit USA twice a year for work and also it helps in maintaining GC. I was in USA last time last November 2019 and left same month on 20th. I couldn’t make a trip in 2020 so far due to Covid travel...
  7. L

    Marriage Based green card (US citizen)

    Hi, I am planning to apply for marriage based green card; my partner is US citizen. I am currently on H1B visa, but my visa will expire in few months. What should I do if my visa expires when the application is in process? Can I still stay in the US? Does this affect my application approval?
  8. Kingpromise15

    Class c misdemeanor when I was 17

    Hey I got a ticket when I was 17 class c misdemeanor at Josephine tx. I felt because of my color cause I had no weed with me. I got pulled over because of my headlight and my car smell like weed and he gave me class c misdemeanor which I had dismissed last month feb11th and my greencard was...
  9. D

    Marriage to a GC holder(F2A category) and over the age of 21.

    Hello, I got my GC through Family sponsorship(F2A category). I am legally an adult now(23 years old). My parents are looking to get me married and are worried if my marriage to someone abroad will affect my GC status and if not what will be the easiest way to sponsor GC for my future husband to...
  10. R

    Greencard case status pending for my wife cause of Marriage Certificate

    I just got a notice asking for more Evidence for Marriage Certificate. I am in the US with a Green Card and I filed i130 for my wife a year ago and heard from them today(02/12/20). I initially provided a Marriage Certificate that was issued from the Registrar’s office with all the documents but...
  11. S

    EB3 Green Card process Timeline shared (12/2 received GC)

    Hi All, I'm pleasure to share my EB3 Green Card process timeline of each steps. It's been long journey that took 21 month since PERM initiated. Please note that I had AOS Interview on 9/11 and got GC on 12/2, it took about 2 and half month and this time line was exactly same as two of my...
  12. C

    Divorce after filing I-751 jointly

    Hi everyone I am a US citizen but my now ex husband is from Ivory Coast. We got married 4 years ago and he obtained the green card. A few months back, he applied for the condition to be removed and file I-751 jointly. We just got divorced 2 weeks ago and today, he received a notice of...
  13. Jdl787

    F4 visa aged out or not

    Hi members, My uncle applied for f4 visa for my dad and the priority date is April 4th, 2007 and the i-130 was approved on March 15, 2012. When I log on to ceac I don't see my name, but my parents are listed. My DOB is August 27th, 1994 and my current age is 25. I know am above the age for...
  14. G

    Leaving sponsoring employee after GC. Wife's case is pending.

    Hello All, I just want to share my case over here. I came to USA on a L1-B Visa with the company that files my GC. My GC was applied in December 2018 EB3 and was retrogressed till this October. I received the card in my hand on October 3rd, 2019. I applied my case as a single filer but later...
  15. B

    I-864 unemployed advice needed please!

    Hello, My wife and I are expecting our interview for her greencard in August but I recently resigned from my company (last day is July 5th) that I have been at for the past two and a half years. I have already made about $50K this year, and my 2018 and 2017 tax returns were included in our...
  16. mdzpm

    US embassy asked me to apply for a first time US passport -went to the US with an ri 2 visa when i was 7,

    -I was born to a naturalized US citizen mom in the Philippines (no birth of abroad filed) she naturalized when she was 8-my grandpa was in the US navy -Went to the US under Ri2 visa when i was 7 y/0 as an immigrant 1997 I did not acquire because mom lacked requirements of duration of stay in...
  17. F

    Asylum withdrawal and green card through marriage

    I withdraw asylum case before I file for my adjustment of status through marriage . Now I have a conditional greencard , I would like to go visit my mom . ( I haven’t been back home in 10 years ) Is it safe to go back to my country and come back after withdrawal of asylum ? Please help if...
  18. R

    F-1 OPT to Greencard (marriage)

    I am currently on my OPT that runs out Aug 2018. I am getting married within the next week to a USC. I know i can file for a temp EAD until my green card arrives but the timeline for both of these has been pushed back. Meaning alot of people are actually getting their GC before the EAD because...
  19. R

    Am i eligible to file the N600?

    I recently tried to file the N400 online... As i went to file i got an alert stating that i may already be a citizen... 1. my father got citizenship when i was 13 years old back in 2007 2. i have been a green card holder for 5 years 3. i came over to the united states when i was 18 (in 2011)...
  20. E

    Both on TN Visa, Spouse applying for H1-B to get a Greencard, should I...?

    My spouse and I we both are computer engineers from Mexico working under TN Visa, for different employers. In order to obtain a Greencard, we both asked for our employers to change to H1-B. Only my spouse was accepted to be sponsored. Our goal is for both to get a greencard. Can I apply for a...