Complications through consular processing DUE TO MY AGE


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Hey, Here is a my current situation,
I am as of now in India, My dad's i140 was approved in 2011 and our Visa is current as of 2021, My dad changed his employer since than.
Here are my questions
1.Does my dad have to change his current employer during the consular processing or could he join back to his old employer after the whole consular processing completes?
2. I am 19 years old and I turn 21 in march of 2022, so how does this effect my chances of getting through this process and becoming a GC holder. Does the consideration of my age stop once the i824 is applied? If not what happens if I turn 21 by the time my Consular process ends (it took 4 months for my dad's i140 to be approved)
3. How long does the whole consular process take including i824 approval ?