Leaving sponsoring employee after GC. Wife's case is pending.

Hello All,

I just want to share my case over here. I came to USA on a L1-B Visa with the company that files my GC. My GC was applied in December 2018 EB3 and was retrogressed till this October. I received the card in my hand on October 3rd, 2019. I applied my case as a single filer but later married before my interview. The lawyer told me about the case of "follow on" process that applies for i-485 where you can add derivatives until you've received green card. After marriage, she came to USA on spouse visa (L2 Visa). She applied as my derivative on July 2019 and received EAD card recently so I assume she has no ties to L2 visa now.

I got a very good offer on a senior level position in the same field that I applied for on my i-140 and I am thinking of accepting that offer. However, I have few questions:

1. Am I allowed to change jobs after a month or 45 days after I received my GC? The field I am moving to is same as previous but it's a senior-level position.
2. When I change my job, will it affect my wife's i-485 case? Keep in mind that she is not on family-based immigration process, she was just added later to my employment-based i-485 before my interview as a "follow on" process that USCIS allows.

I am in a complete dilemma because the opportunity is really great and I don't want to miss it, as well as I don't want to jeopardize my already approved Green card and my wife's pending Green card as well.

Can anyone who has been in similar situation or has knowledge about such please answer these questions? Thanks a lot in advance.