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    Got the Long awaited Emails

    I contacted USCIS national customer service in the 3rd week of July and I got the notice on Sept 12th for second finger prints and Sept 20th I got the reply to the inquiry saying "The processing of your case has been delayed. A check of our records establishes that your case is not yet ready...
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    Got the Long awaited Emails

    I got the long awaited email from USCIS and CRIS (10 of them in all for me and my spouce) saying "Your application (485) has been approved" Little Background: Priority Date: Jan 2001 (Sub Labor) 485 RD : July 2003 EAD's : 3 Changed jobs : 2 Times (Notified only the first...
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    I-485 Approved(VSC)

    GETGC2006, What number did u call to get to VSC
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    EAD @vsc

    I got my EAD Approval Emails on Friday (21st) and again this morning. The RD is Feb 13th.
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    iEAD before 90 days

    Based on what I read in other threads, the status is not effected if the EAD is expired. You should not be working till u get the EAD approved or you get the interim EAD. The iEAD is given only after 90 days and not before that. Good Luck.
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    EAD @vsc

    Thank You GcCircle. My RD is 02/13. Got to see when it gets processed.
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    EAD @vsc

    Any Recent EAD Approcals from VSC My EAD is going to expire in about 10 days. I am 15 days short of the 90 day period. The processing dates for EAD were not updated in the VSC April 10th update. :confused: If some one has recieved EAD approvals with RD in Feb please post the inof so that...
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    485 Approval Tracker

    My PD is Jan 2000(SUB), I485 RD is July 2004, I140 Approval Date is Oct 2004. waiting for the approval mails...
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    Am I in trouble

    Guys, I have a substitute labor with PD 2000 Jan. I used AC21 and moved to a new company last year and since then worked as hourly employee. Have good relationship with the company. I finished my assignment recently. I am travelling to home country on AP next month and that is one of the...
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    Anyone got their AP approval from VSC recently?

    I applied for AP in the last week of August and got the approval in 10 days. By the end of first week of Sept, I got the AP in my hand. One of my friend applied couple of days before me and he also got the approval in 10 days. (This is in Vermont Center)
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    EB3 Jan 98 to March 01 only Tracker

    PD Jan 23, 1998 - akbari PD Sep 1998 - ammukuty FEB1999-holy cow sep 10,1999 - longdue sep,1999 - waitlabor Jan'2000-anand PD May2000, EB3- compjob PD September 20 2000 : India : California: Filed AOS in April 2005 hsb123. EB3 - India PD - October,2000 EB3/India/VSC/27 Oct 2000...
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    Long Wait for I485 ..........

    Hi Ravi, I sent the FOIA via Fax. There is a format actually a bunch of attachments in one of the threads by Rahul. I took the FOIA format replaced with my stuff and faxed it on a monday and i got a reply via snail mail on a thursday of the next week.
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    Long Wait for I485 ..........

    Well my 485 RD is July 2003 and PD is Jan 2001 (Substitute Labor). FP was done in Nov 2004 and USCIS got the results the same week (that is what it says on the website). Got my 3rd EAD in March. Initiated an inquiry thru customer service and they said due to lack of man power....... we do not...
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    Problem with the Phone Automated Message

    I initiated an inquiry in the last week of Feb and got a reply in the last week of march "due to lack of man power....." since then onwards on the Phone I get the message due to a temporary problem we cannot get information on ur case. That problem is existing for the past 3 months. I can...
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    Anybody know any information about..September 2003..fillers

    There was only one LUD change on March 29th when I got the reply from USCIS. Thats it. There was no change in my wife's case. One of my friend who applied for 485 in the same month (July 2003) got the approval mails over the weekend. No Job changes and PD was April 2002. Dont know about the...