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    Out of the country while 485 is pending

    I got I-485 approval whie I was in my country. Hi, I got I-485 approval while I was out of the U.S. for biz trip + vacation for 2 weeks. When I came back to the U.S., I filled out I-94 form as usual and came thru immigration officer with my AP document. I wasn't asked any special question...
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    July 2002 Tracker

    VSC processing date. For those who are still waiting approval: VSC processing time table says Aug.26.2002 receipt case is processing for I-485. So All of July.2002 cases except transferred cases are supposed to be approved now... The folks whose receipt date is earlier than July.26.02...
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    July 2002 Tracker

    It seems my case was approved.... While I was in my country for vacation, I received automatic email notification from USCIS office and it says my I-485 case was approved on 8/19. I'm waiting for approval letter now... Thanks, Tmp
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    July 2002 Tracker

    Updated time stamp. Hi SlipJ, Thanks for your info... I'm not a little bit relieved. As I said, my updated time stamp was 6/7/2004. This was when I was outside of the USA....for biz trip. I wonder I could get approval if I were in the that time... Thanks, Tmp
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    July 2002 Tracker

    Response to David. A1. I went to 2nd FP earlier than the letter. It doesn't mean everybody can go earlier. But I can tell you can try. If one officer says, "no", then, you are just unlucky and come back without argueing... A2. There is no 2nd FP statement in the letter in my case...
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    July 2002 Tracker

    Have you tried to open ur acct in USCIS web page for automatic email noticification? I haven't received approval yet and I registered my account(user-id) to get automated email notification when my case status is updated. After I set up my account and pw, I logged on USCIS web page to add my...
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    EAD 90 days Expiring ....Urgent need help

    There is a way to get a interim EAD. Hey, I know there is a way to get a interim EAD. When you don't get renewal of EAD card on expected date and current EAD's is getting to expire soon, you can contact to your law firm and obtain original receipt from USCIS. And bring it to the Service...
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    VSC 2003 by sampling scanning

    What's this for? Hello, I guess many people are scanning USCIS online status with script and I wonder what is the point of this? When I try to check my own status by on-line, I often encounter that site prohibits to be accessed by anybody since organization or individual trys to scan too...
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    July 2002 Tracker

    No FP2 update on online is okay! Ben, FP2 information will never be in online system. You'll see eact same FP1 msg until you get I-485 approve. So, no worry.... THanks Tmp
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    July 2002 Tracker

    Re: Re: Got Fp2 notice Hariyaali You just need to wait... Don't bother them by your call. You have not got 2nd FP notice because your case is not reviewed yet. Once officer looks at it, then, he/she will create 2nd FP notice and send it to you. Thanks, Tmp
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    July 2002 Tracker

    2nd FP was done. Hi, I went to 2nd FP on 4/21. I was waiting for the letter of 2nd FP notification for a looong time. Now, I just wait for approval for about 4 months.... My friend did 2nd FP last Oct and received passport stamp on Feb this year. So I guess duration is approx. 4 month...
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    District office vs. Service Center Processing Dates

    Hello, I have question, today.... I'm looking at USCIS web page(previously it was BCIS). At "Case Status Online" page, I can see "District Offce Processing Dates" and "Service Center Processing Date". I can show 2 examples from both. On "District Office" page, I picked up "Saint...
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    July 2002 Tracker

    Answer to SpeedKing's question. Hi, Recently, I went back to my country for 2 weeks and entered into the U.S. with Advanced Parole. My working visa is okay until 5/23/2003, it's too soon to expiration date, I wanted to use Advanced Parole which is a bit more time its until...
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    September 2002 Tracker........

    Advanced Payroll????? To Metalguy What is "Advanced Payroll"? Are you going to get saraly from INS? AP is not "advanced payroll". It stands for "Advanced Parole". This is just for your reference... completely different meaning...
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    why FP REDO??

    See different forum issue... To what_happen, I wrote some comments on the different forum issue, which is "finger print redo". See this issue. Hope it relieve your worry, Tmp