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    Immi Lawyer in Boston area for N400?

    with all due respect I dont think my question goes under Boston Timeline thread since its not related to timeline. I didnt want my question to get lost in an irrelevant thread. Thanks.
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    Immi Lawyer in Boston area for N400?

    Does any one have any recommendation? I have a small complication in my case for which I want to hire a lawyer. Thanks.
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    B2 - rejected twice

    BMS/Dipsite, sorry for the late response. I dont check this thread often. I guess there is no golden trick to getting a visitor visa. As random and arbitrary it is, there are a few things we did which we think helped. 1. ask for a shorter period, like 2-4 months. also if there is valid...
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    Visa Numbers not available?

    ah, good point EA got ahead of myself, you are right, 27AUG should call back in feb.
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    Visa Numbers not available?

    you should be current which country are you from? when they say VISA number is not available it means that your PD is not current i.e. they are not taking cases that were filed on the day you filed your labor. Now with that said, the latest visa bulletin says that for india & china any PD...
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    no paper receipt after e-filing EAD renewal

    anyone else have the same experience? When EAD renewal was filed (aug 30, 05) online status changed to "We received you application. A paper receipt will sent to you in mail". No receipt yet. Wanted to know if anyone else had the same experience. Thanks
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    Ginnu, others, help - might get laid off in a month

    I-485 pending since feb '03. Applied for EAD renewal third time(EAD expires nov'05), employer also applied for 7th year H1 extension. There is a possibility that I might get laid off within a month. I had the following questions. 1. If I do get laid off, what is my status until I find...
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    Multiple-entry visitor visa & frequency of visits

    yes they can in theory. But you have be careful about how much time they stayed last time. In general it should look like they are living in India considerably more than in the US. If they left w/o extension last time and are planning to leave again w/o extension then they shouldn't have a...
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    Urgent - Transit visa for B1/B2

    Depends on where in europe your mother transits. I know that France & Italy do not require a transit visa for Indain nationals with a valid US visa in their passport. Germany processes a trasit visa at transit itself so nothing needs to be done prior to the trip. The safest way is probably...
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    B2 - rejected twice

    Visitor visa issued to parents in 3rd attempt My to-be in-laws just got 10yr mutlple entry B2 visa endorsed in their passport. They were rejected twice in 2003. The only difference this time was we concentrated on their presentation skills. We had a lot of mock interviews sessions with...
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    Interview Appointment

    details please can you pls tell your details? when did you file 485? fingerprints?
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    EAD renewal and H1 7th year question

    Hi, EAD expiring 11/30/05 H1 6th year expiring Jan'06. Pending 1-485. Please let me know how soon can I apply for EAD renewal and the 7th year extension. Would you advice doing both? thanks.
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    PLEASE HELP: Need to bring parents (visitor visa) question

    Its better to give 6months or more gaps. Overall it should look like that your parents live in India considerbaly more than they are here. My mom got a warning cause she was travelling frequently, officers told her that she needs to spend more time in India.
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    B Visa for parents for wedding

    Hi, We want to get a tourist visa for our parents so that they can attend our wedding. Questions: 1. Is it a good idea to give wedding as the only reason for visit? 2. They will apply in Mumbai, does anyone know if VFS will take supporting docs(wedding invitations etc)? THe reason I...
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    question about rules changes

    As I understand that US Consulate in Mumbai has stopped accepting mail applications for a tourist(B-2) visa. So my question is what happens to the "2 attempts in person for every 2 year" rule? Does it mean that there are no limtations as to how many attempts a person can make for B2 visas? If...