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    Where to Send NIW - Living out of USA

    1. Yes 2. You can send it to either center so send it to Texas (NSC blows). 3. Don't use e-filing. They almost never manage to connect the paper pile with the electronic filing and you get an RFE for all the evidence.
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    Eb2 - niw

    My attorney got an NIW approved for a hair dresser (no kidding). She did hair and makeup for some movie productions. So NIW is really broad, and a well prepared presentation can get you approved even if you don't have a PhD. Your case sounds pretty thin though from what you said so far. Your...
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    Can H1B have another job after obtaining EAD

    You can always go back to H1B status by re-applying for an H1B. You will not be subject to the quota. But you will have to leave and re-enter the US to get back into H1B status once the new petition has been approved.
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    EB2-NWI chances evaluation

    1 paper is very low but 80 citations shows some impact. Talk to a good attorney. Your case is going to be difficult for sure, but artificial intelligence and health are probably make a good case for NIW in general.
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    Transfer from J1 to F1 while applying NIW?

    Submitting a I-140 shows immigrant intent since its self-petitioned. If it was employer petitioned, it would be a little weaker but this is a clear case. You don't qualify for F1. Plus, you can't transfer from J1 to F1 anyway, you need a visa stamp (specific J1 restriction). You will...
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    EB 1 credentials

    I have much stronger qualifications and I got my PhD a few years ago and my lawyer advised against EB1EA. Try NIW as a new grad.
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    Evaluate my case - NIW EB2

    Might work. Get a good layer. Its a close call but worth trying it. Your citations are a little thin.
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    Frankfurt interview questions (necessary documents + passport mailing times to German address)

    1. Bringing the originals with you can't hurt. Worst case you won't need them. 2. Can take some times. 2 weeks or more. They have to do name check and other routine checks. 3. No. Use the "New Immigrant" line. They have those at all major airports. If not, then use the permanent...
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    EB-1 EA denial No RFE/NOID

    >> I reapplied for EB-1 with some additional material and it was approved with no RFE. That basically sums up in one sentence how broken the system is. I doubt your qualifications improved drastically since the denial. You just got lucky and were assigned a different IO. What a mess.
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    Q&A on my NIW chances

    You definitively have a good chance. Get an experienced attorney. If you know any program managers from NIH who can write a letter of recommendation for you, that would almost guarantee success. The NIW itself without 485 is pretty cheap (a couple thousand including lawyer fees), so its probably...
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    no US publications, pls help!

    As far as I can tell USCIS doesn't know the first thing about what journals are good or bad. List what you can reasonably defend and hope for the best. The people who are evaluating your application often don't even have a high school degree. I highly recommend finding a good lawyer. They have...
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    U.S. MS degree working with H1-B... help

    You are unlikely to qualify for NIW but you can try. EB1 is almost certainly not going to work out for you. Get a job offer from a different company and give your company a simple choice: GC now, or I leave. Worked for me, unfortunately a couple days too late (already had the NIW approved at...
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    Adjustment of Status to family-after I-140 approval

    Do your wife and kids have the necessary HRR waiver? (or no HRR?)
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    AC140 Consulates

    AC140 is not optional. Its a binding and mandatory action message. The consulate _must_ comply. Send a letter to the immigrant section and attach a copy of the 10 year old memo. If that doesn't help contact the State Department.