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Aug 30, 2009
Oct 21, 2007
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Aug 30, 2009
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    2. blackandwhite
      hi, i saw your post about the 2 year HHR. I was just denied a waiver, I have already spent a year in my home country.... still have a year left. I am wondering where exactly this 2 year HHR comes up during the GC process? And who asks to prove it? Do you have to go in person? I will be in the 2rd country for 2 more years, and wondering how picky they really are about HHR. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!
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    I-140 EB2/NIW (ROW) at NSC, mailed 10/20/2007, RD 10/23/07, ND 11/08/07, AD 3/21/2008
    I-485 (concurrent, ROW) at NSC, RD 10/23/07, 11/08/07, LUD 11/14/2007, FP 12/11/2007, INFOPASS 12/11/2007 (NC clear, BC clear), LUD 12/12/2007, RFE 7/18/2008, 8/1/2008 (received), 8/4/2008 (replied), LUD 8/5/2008 (received), LUD 8/6/2008, AD 8/12/2008 (Notice welcoming new permanent resident), 8/15/2008 Approval notice sent, LUD 8/18/2008.
    Card received on 8/22/2008.