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    H4 COrporation

    i was on H4 now i have a EAD can i open a corporation and buy a franchise
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    H1B LLC and 1099

    I was on H4 now i got EAD can i open a corporation and can i buy a franchise
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    EAD/Interim EAD stories

    Hi I am on H4 and i got a approval of EAD Can I open a Corporation and start my own business Please answer my question
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    I-485 without I-485a

    When I can file I485 Hi Real Canadina When i can file I485 PD Nov 04 LC Approved July 06 I 140 Approved Set 06 EB 3 Job School Teacher Country of birth Canada Or Can you tell me how I can get Work authorised for My spouse
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    My I 140 alredy approved and i am waiting for I 485 to be current
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    What Bulletin do I look at?

    I am candian too My profile is LC Applied Nov 04 Lc approved March 06 I140 Approved Sept 06 I 485 When i can file
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    EB3 - Anlaysis of Jan 2007 visa bulletin

    I am caadian and i filed my Lc EB3 Nov 04 I140 Aprroved Sep 06 I485 ? I donot know
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    Waiting for I-485 Approval...

    EB 3 LC File Date Nov04 LC Approved Country of birth Canada When I can File I 485 if some body has short process tell mee
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    New Job while I-485 Pending: Access to ETA750A

    hi real canadian when i can file I485 Eb3 LC Nov 04 I 140 Set 06 I485 ?
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    is it possible to add my wife to my gc processing now (485)?

    hi i am canadian too can you give me some advise on my case
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    I am school teacher and my case under eb3. any teacher get approval of green card
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    Any teacher get a green card approval
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    Switch from H1B to TN1

    Real canadian can you give me your e mail
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    Canada PR and US 485 Pending (Pls suggest)

    I am canadian citizan and i am waiting for my I485. My I140 is aprroved but I485 taking long because My Lc is EB3
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    AOS/EAD Back to H4

    Real canadian i am cadian citizan with eb3 my i140 approved whan i can file i485