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    Visit Visa to Canada

    Thanks. Thanks. She applied for her visa yesterday and recd a single entry visa, even though she asked for Multiple. The officer said that she has to apply every time she wants to visit.
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    Temporary Resident Visa into Canada

    For Immifive As long as your father has a return ticket and you can show traveller checks . it is not difficult. The return ticket should be valid for atleast 1-2 months after he comes back from Canada. All the best!!
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    B1 to L1

    For B1 to L1 I am sure that the B visa will be valid for 10 years, I have been on an H1 then F1 and then H1 again. I went to canada for my stamping of F1 and was rejected. The Consular officer cancelled my H1 but told me that I could reenter on the B1. Now my spoyse also has valid B and a...
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    Visit Visa to Canada

    Hello all, I am a PR od Canada living and working in the US on a H-1. I landed in Canada in July 2003. I am married now and my wife is here on a H4. I want to know if I can do the following: 1. Can she apply for a visit to Canada? She is on a H4 2. Can I sponsor her if I am living here...
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    Sponsoring My Wife

    Hello all, I am living and working in the US on a H-1. I landed in Canada in July 2003. I want to know if I can do the following: 1. Sponsor my wife while I am living and working in the US. 2. Can she apply for a visit to Canada? She is on a H4 I plan to move to Canada in 6 months...
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    Indian Police Clearance Certificate

    For.. dazed_confused I have already landed in Canada.. and did not get any PCC from India. I went to the NY Consulate paid the required fee and had my PCC the same evening at 4.15 pm. That worked fine for the canadian authorities. Good Luck!
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    PRCard Tracker

    Never Received the PR Card Hi all, I landed in canada on July 01, 2003.. and my friend has not received the PR card as yet. I am in the US now. My question is, can I apply for another PR card? Will they mail it to me or will I have to go personally to pick it up? Please advise.
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    Question about sending the passport

    It worked for me Hi I sent my passport to my lawyers and they sent it back to me stamped. Since you have a lawyer, its better to do it through them. It is just delayed 2-3 days extra, for courier. Good Luck!
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    PRCard Tracker

    Waiting for PR Card Hey all, I landed on July 01 and returned to the US on July 09. I gave my friend's apartment address. I have not recd the PR nor the SIN card. is this a normal time? Please advise on what to do. I am in NYC now. Can I travel to canada by road? Regards
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    Landing Questions

    Funds1 Please take Cash or Cashiers check only. The officer asked me to show him. the funds. A statement in NO way proves that you are bringing the money to Canada, and the money is currently available. If you want to take a chance... thats your wish. Good Luck.
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    Tough Landing Experience

    I landed by air at toronto airport. I stamped my H-1 and I am back in the US/.
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    Buffalo Tracker (please add)

    In my case it changed to decision made after I sent my passport for stamping.. It varies.. and someone I know .. still says In Process.. even though he has landed.... the estatus cannot be used.... as an indicator.. atleast from my experience. GoodLuck!
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    passport request

    The lawyer will know how to send it.. Ginnu is right.. The requestletter also clearly mentions the same. I recd my passport in exactly 3 weeks last month. Good luck!
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    Tough Landing Experience

    I really do not think so.. I landed on July 01 and the first thing the officer did was see my landing doc and take a pic of me.. everything was over in 3-5 mins. I just provided a temp address where to send the PR card and he said it will be mailed in 3-5 weeks.
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    Buffalo Tracker (please add)

    landed... Finally! Landed.. and Visa interview completed. Hi I landed without any problems on Canada day July 01. Only questions asked. 1. Are you Married? Me. No. 2. How Much money are you carrying? Show me. Me.. here I s the official check. Ok.. you are all set. He also made me...