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  • How many days or months can Temporary USA VISA holder live in india?

    My niece has temporary Permanent Visa of US. But last more than 5 month she stay in India. Her Temp Visa will expire in next year.. it was 2yrs validated VISA...So can u please tell me how many days or months she can live in india?
    and what she has to do for live in India? What is procedure for that?

    Please Reply,

    Thank you,
    Hello Great guru, just wondering if you could offer some help:
    I would be grateful if you could help us with some clarifications on the US GC.
    1. My friend won the visa lottery and intends to move to the US with his wife and a child. However the wife has just started doing her 2 years masters currently. Is it possible for the wife to go with him to the US and then come back to complete her masters? What are the dos and donts at stake?
    2. Can he defer that of the wife and childs visa processing now till the wife completes her master in 2 years time?
    3.Any additional information is welcomed

    Good day,

    Im here in Canada for 6 mos under work permit and my mom inviting me to visit her in US this christmas.Can you please give me a headstart on what to do. what documents and papers to i need to pass to USCIS. Im new in this forum.After i completed all my papers, then i wanmt to apply a tourist visa.Its nice when family is complete this christmas.i never experienced christmas with my mom since birth so this is an opportunity.

    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Dear sir,
    I am on F 1 visa. I have applied for H 1 visa and I got 2 letters. The first
    letter states that my H 1 b visa approved and the second one states that
    change of status denied because I was out status. The second statement is
    wrong because I am legal. The reason why Ins concluded that I was out of status because when I applied for H 1 b visa I only
    included I 20 form that I had from Kaplan test center which expired on march 30
    of 2009. I did not include the new I 20 that I have received from UCO which
    confirming that I have done my transfer on time and I did not break immigration rules. I consulted with the lawyer and I was advised to get a transfer letter from the school that I will be attending this coming fall. I was told I would not have a problem if I go to Toronto for stamping.
    By not doing so, I cannot change my status to h 1 and thus I cannot work with my employer so now I have to go Canada. Please tell me what to do
    Thank you for your consideration
    Hi, Good Morning
    I am from India. recently i have been terminated by my employer and currently out of job. My experience certificate mentions that my services are terminated. I am in search of a new job. I am also considering applying for a H1B. In have over all 10 years of relevant experience. Request you to kindly let me know the chances for me to get a H1.
    Thanks a lot in advance..
    Hi Great guru,
    I was on F1 from 03 to 05 doing masters degree and on OPT from 05 to 06.
    Then I got H1B from nonprofit organization from 06 to 07 on a job that was related to my masters degree I got earlier.
    I went back to another school on F1 to get a graduate degree in healthcare that is equivalent to masters level.
    I will soon be looking for job related to my current healthcare degree.
    I have few questions and would appreciate your input:
    1) Am I eligible for OPT again?
    2) About my H1B do I have to apply for the cap OR do just get it if I have a sponsor?
    3) If there is no cap for me when can I apply for new H1B? April OR anytime my F1 ends?
    4) The sponsor is not a non-profit organization this time. Does it matter to get a H1B this time without a cap for me?
    5) My last H1B was for a job related to another degree I obtained here and my new H1B will be with a new employer for healthcare degree. Is it an issue?
    I am President & CEO-Parahard Management Reporting Corporation in India.(my Proprietary Concern since 1989.)

    I am holder of USA B1/B2 Visa since 2004.

    I visited USA in 2005 & 2007.

    Ours is A Consulting Organization (with 20 team consultants )to develop Management Reporting Tools.

    We wish to depute me as a President of new proposed joint venture partnership firm in USA to market our Products.

    Our Professional Fees Receipt is INR 2.00 Millions for F.Y. 2007-2008.

    My questions:

    1. Whether we, as Organization, are eligible to file L1 A petition for Our President & CEO (Proprietor) with L2 petition for his Spouse?

    2. Chances of getting our petition approved and renewed after one year?

    3. If our partners in new proposed Company in USA are H1B visa holder, whether we can form a joint venture partnership with them?

    4. Can Law Office of Mr. Rajiv Khanna provide us services as our Attorney?

    Bharat Gandhi
    hello sir,
    here is my situation. please help asap.
    1. I am currently working on EAD since Nov'2008 with company B.
    2. I was earlier working for a company A on H1 and had my passport stamped with visa which is valid till Feb 2010.
    3. Now my passport has expired in Dec'2008 which has the valid visa until Feb'2010 from the company A as in step 2.
    4. I got my new passport for another 10 years.
    5. I don't have my Advance parole
    6. Now my question is that can i travel to india on that visa from my company A or do i need to apply for AP? please let me know asap. your help is greatly appreciated.

    My question is to Administrator,please help me on that.
    My wife is on H1 but not working now.We want to apply for herand my son's H4.

    Her employer told her that he is not able to give her project because of current market.

    1.In above case can I file her H4 here or in India.
    1.1 If I file her H4 here and USCIS asked current payslip she don't have now.
    2.Our son is dependent on her right now.
    3.Can my wife and son's stay is legal in US.

    Please help me on this.
    Thanks in advance.
    Hi Great Guru,
    I am planning to apply for Green card under EB1 -EA/OR category. I have PhD in Engineering, full-time teaching and research experience over 20 years, currently on H1B as Research Faculty (engaged primarily research and also teaching) in a Univ. Have published over 80 research papers (more than half in International Journals), some of them frequently cited by other researchers (citations 95, 45 etc.). Member of ASME, Senior Member of IEEE. Regularly invited to review papers submitted for publication in several international journals.
    I would appreciate if you please comment on the option for EB1 application EA/OR. Thank you very much. gcphilly2009
    respected Sir,
    i am B.A.M.S graduate and doing my internship now .i want to do a career in MS health administration in US..i want to know if i am eligible to do this course in US
    Hi Great Guru
    Please answer to my question as early as possible.Actually I came to US on H4 on Sep 07 with H1B appoval and I applied COS to H1B and got approval in Mar08.And in April 08 I went to India and H1B get stamped on my passport and reentered US on H1B in July 08.Now I dont have project and want to convert again back to H4.So my questions are
    1.Do I need MY Paystubs to convert into H4 from H1B(bcoz I dont have paystubs from July to Dec)
    2.Is it possible to revoke my previous H1b again from H4 when I will get project
    3.For COS from H4 to H1B also requires my stubs
    4.Is my bench time effects my Husband's Green card processing
    Please clarify me that I need my pay stubs or My husband's pay stubs to convert into H4.
    Thanks in advance

    I came to US on Jan 2007 as a H4 visa holder which is valid until sept 2009. oct 2007 i got H1b approval. but not yet get stamping .sept 2007 i delivered baby. hence i couldnt get any projects and till now i dont have any pay stubs. now i need to go to India urgently for personal reasons and need to come back again after 3 months.

    obviously i can't go for H1b stamping since i dont have paystubs

    when i return to US can I use my H4 visa.

    If yes what happened to my SSN . can i use after coming here in H4

    please clarify me.
    I am not able to post a message, keep getting bytes error. Anyways, here is the message I want to post:

    My I-140 was approved in December 2007. I had filed my I-485 in August 2007 and it is still pending. I had applied and received my EAD card in June 2008.

    Can I change my job with a different job title and different job duties with another employer? Or do I need to wait until I get my green card. If that does not work, is it okay to change my current job to part-time with the same employer and get another full time job with different title and duties with another employer?

    I would appreciate the answers to these.
    I have a very serious problem that I got aware of last week. I had only one course left to complete my course work during spring08. But unfortunately due to some health reasons I dint register for the last course till 26 feb. At the end of the semester I got c in that course and my CGPA fell below 2.5 which is minimum requirement to graduate for undergrad degree. Thats why I took 9 credit in summers. But last week when I applied for OPT my international office told me that I have been out of status since 6th feb and all my records and sevis has been terminated. I was never informed till what date I could reinstate as I was out of status. I want to know can any student can register for any course after sevis termination (as I attended classes 2 semester)also after how many days of being unregistered you can go out of status. Please help me out. I will be grateful to you
    hi, I have started "Dv-2009 Winners - Asia Only" on 09 July 2008. I want to change the subject of this thread. Please change the subject to "All Asian DV-2009 Winners, Pls enter Case No. here"
    i send back my NL, delivered on 19 June and sign for Carol Gimmon, but i write to the KCC e mail, and says the my case number is not appear, is normal? or i need wait more time? i write my case number, my date of birth, my full name.... there is the answer from KCC

    "Thank you for your inquiry.
    The information you have provided does not match the case. Please resubmit your request with the correct information for KCC to properly assist you.
    (606) 526-7500 "
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