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  • Immigration officer looking for your wife's out of status, which occures as soon as she looses her job. You should have changed her H1 to h4 immediately, but now too late. Options are go back to India for few months and apply H4. She can not stay in H1 for a long time it makes her stay illegal.
    hello friend
    I want some advice from u. I am from Bangladesh who applied for dv2010 program. in my application i write my wife date of birh 1984.01.01. I make registration for marrige when she 8 year old.regist. year1991 july9. Now my question if i won in lottery then coming to intervew in USA embassy then i submite the date of bith my wife as same 1984 and marrige reg. date 1991 then it is danger for me and may reject my lottery win? Pls advice me how to i continue it and may i make duplicate reg. for marrige ? other way 2000 april 10 my first daughter date of birht. pls help me i am warry about it.

    Best regards
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