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  • Now you have only new H1, so, unless you get it stamped there is no use of H1. However you should weigh the pros and cons of getting H1 visa stamped in Canada. Some time US Embassy-canada may ask you to go to your home country for stmpng because ou did not prove you are in status while applying your H1.
    Dear sir,
    I am on F 1 visa. I have applied for H 1 visa and I got 2 letters. The first
    letter states that my H 1 b visa approved and the second one states that
    change of status denied because I was out status. The second statement is
    wrong because I am legal. The reason why Ins concluded that I was out of status because when I applied for H 1 b visa I only
    included I 20 form that I had from Kaplan test center which expired on march 30
    of 2009. I did not include the new I 20 that I have received from UCO which
    confirming that I have done my transfer on time and I did not break immigration rules. I consulted with the lawyer and I was advised to get a transfer letter from the school that I will be attending this coming fall. I was told I would not have a problem if I go to Toronto for stamping.
    By not doing so, I cannot change my status to h 1 and thus I cannot work with my employer so now I have to go Canada. Please tell me what to do
    Thank you for your consideration
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