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  • H1-F1-H1 QUOTA?
    I will appreciate you reading this!
    I was on F1 from 03 to 05 doing masters degree and on OPT from 05 to 06.
    Then I got H1B from nonprofit organization from 06 to 07 on a job that was related to my masters degree I got earlier.
    I went back to another school on F1 to get a graduate degree in healthcare that is equivalent to masters level.
    I will soon be looking for job related to my current healthcare degree.
    I have few questions and would appreciate your input:
    1) Am I eligible for OPT again?
    2) About my H1B do I have to apply for the cap OR do just get it if I have a sponsor?
    3) If there is no cap for me when can I apply for new H1B? April OR anytime my F1 ends?
    4) The sponsor is not non-profit organization this time. Does it matter if I get a H1B without a cap for me?
    Thanks for all your efforts and responses
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