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  • Hello Great guru,
    Thank you for your informative posts. I am a BAMS graduate, Masters and PhD in Clin Pharm followed by Post doc. I was on O1 visa and recently got my EB1 approved. I am working in Pharma industry and want to broaden my chances to move ahead in career by receiving formal MD. I was wondering if I can talk or contact you on more secure personal method to understand the process.
    I am BAMS student in USA wondering how to finish prereq for MD/DO program ,I have seen your conversation with Abhuda but didn't understand how to do them though. Please do help me.
    Hi I am BAMS student wondering for pre req for MD/DO program , did you get a chance to find info
    sir a terrible mistake happend on this forum,!!!
    On behalve of the all the forum mates we want to know
    Why is britsimon is banned.???
    We all belive its a terrble mistake , he's a gentlman that can't just happen?!!!
    Please unban him ? We all want him back ?
    Regards vladek
    Hi great guru!
    I was granted Asylum and after one year submitted I485. Paperwork was received on Jan 2011 by USCIS and their website states that it will take 4 months to be granted. One month ago I got notice that my file has been transfered to Missouri (Lee's Summit Office) and then a week later another notice letting me know it was transferred to a Field Office. Last week, I received a notice letting me know that my appointment was during the first week of July, and last night got on the mail another Notice of Action letting me know that the appointment for July was cancelled due to "unforeseen circumstances". Is it good news or bad news? SHould I expect any problem?
    Why was "DV Lottery 2012 Lawyer Action pt 2" closed?? and my posts deleted?? They were not rude, not emotional and not exceptional - there was no reason for it - unless there is favoritism towards some of the other poster who didn't like what I said????????
    Hi Great Guru:
    Could you make the DV 2011 AOS Only thread a sticky one? It is a great resources for DV Winner and is already more than 120+ pages with tons of information. Thank you in advance.
    Hello great guru!
    am sorry to disturb you...but i have a dv interview very soon.
    i saw u have been involved in this forum since 2002..i just posted a question.
    i hope with all the experience u have, u might have an answer for my question...my best regards.
    Dear Great guru,

    I hope this finds you well.
    the thread DV 2011 AOS Only contains some great information, Please,could you make it sticky?
    thank you in advance
    Hi Great Guru,

    My passport has got smudged recently .My I 94 though has all the details available , other than the digits that are written at the bottom ( <<<some numbers>>>) and the year of departure has got rubbed off. Will I have to apply for the new I94 in this case? I am in San Jose currently, would I be required to go to District Office for this?
    I received my I 94 from SFO , as I landed there.

    Please let me know. I am in deep confusion!
    Thanks & Regards
    HI. Great guru. I would like to seek for your advice regarding my situation. I am a Filipino B1/B2 multiple entry visa holder. I have visited the US last october for about 2 months. Now I am planning to go back there on May. Do you think it won't cause me problem? I have read lots of thread that there must be 6 months interval between visits. Please advice me when would be the best time to visit the US. Your help and advice will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
    Hi, I would appreciate if you coul help me with answers regarding 221g pink form. Please let me know how to answer "Plans after completion of work". I am planning to replay to consulate on Monday.
    Thanks a bunch...
    hello great guru .
    I have won the dv 2010 lottery and currently i am on f1 status studying in united states. i have decided to go for CP and already applied for it to the kcc. i am waiting for my 2nd letter. Now my problem is will i lose my f1 status if i go back to my country for the interview for green card. What if they reject me in the interview?? will i be able to travel back to US on my f1 status ???? please let me know . thanks
    Thanks Great Guru. Finally, I've gathered all documentation for self-petition of EB1-EA. I have a quick question. Is it necessary to attach ETA-750, part B or its recent updated version (for degrees obtained and work experience) along with I-140? Please advise. I'm counting on you. Best regards- yours gcphilly2009
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