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  • In dat case dnt send ur w2. But u dnt got to worry abt working using ssn. Coz i know a guy who has worked like that for 3 4 years all year round and they dint ask nothin abt dat. So its better not to send da w2 and dnt write abt dat on ur form as well!!!
    Documents u need to send are:
    g325 a
    medical report
    all of ur i20 and transcripts
    +2 transcript also
    state id
    ss card
    all of ur w2
    letter from ur international office dat u r a full time student and in good standing
    2 photographs
    and u can file i765 also if u wanna apply for the work permit but i dont think u have to coz the process is really fast at the end of the yeat that u dnt need a work permit
    best of luck
    Oh bro, u should have send ur package by now. U can send ur package 50 days before ur number gets current. If i m not wrong ur cn is 19*** ryt. Go head n send it fast dont loose even a second. Its a really easy process but time is so imp on it. Best of luck!!!
    i havent received my green card. I just got the appt for biometrics for may 14 n i will have my imterview!! Just to clear you. Its antar45 who is also frm dallas got the g.c.
    By the way my name is anil as well. after my no. got current i sent my aos package to chicqgo lockbox. The package includes i485, g325a and i765. With all the supporting docs like birth certificate, degrees, i20, passport, visas, i94 bla bla.......n go thru this forum from the begining its a lot helpful. U can go head n start doin medicals n arranging docs n fillin forms. Everything will be aright. Lets hope
    I guess u r good for aos. Wait until ur numbet comes in visa bulletin. Hope it will come in this month. Go thru the blog entries n mainly eberybody's signature. We will kip in touch. Whr r u frm. N wats ur current status??
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