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  • Hello Lizzy,

    My name is Rukevwe and am one of the lucky in the DV 2011 lottery....i've filled and sent all forms to KCC,just would want to know the procee of interview....pls update on the steps to take...thank you
    Hi dalerpulatov,

    Congrats on being selected for DV 2011!! Yes, you are correct, your CN is current for the month of October and you can send your AoS application to USCIS on October, 2010. Visit DV2011 AoS Only thread for detailed info. on the process.
    Dear Izzy120,

    My case number is 2011EU000057XX. As I understand my number becomes current in October 2010 and I can adjust my status in October 2010. Am I right? I appreciate your response.
    Hi friend ,
    When I made electronic for DV2011 entry, I have made a mistake in my address ,but i have got the first NL from KCC . i didnt realize untill i got the first NL.
    Does this affects my case ?
    because now i have corrected this mistake in forms i have send to KCC what do you think ?
    There are threads created by AF region and for DV 2011 winners, do check them out for great info! Congrats on winning
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