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May 25, 2016
Jan 13, 2007
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May 25, 2016
    1. ausmanov
    2. Bongthom
      Hi Raevsky,
      Nice to be your friend.
    3. raevsky
      You could reunite in Canada. He does not need anything to get there.
    4. xamara
      i know that my baby can stay in the usa because she's a citizen...the problem i'm trying to resolve is way more difficoult...her father is a usa citizen,i moved 2 the usa on a waiveir visa,after 90 days i should have left but i didnt...we had a lot of problems at that time,and money was the bigger...when i left the usa no 1 stopped me,neither i got told from anyone that i couldnt re enter...me and my man r trying to get back together,get marry and do things right this time,but i'm not sure what to do...he can't come to italy because the usa deny him the passport because he still has to pay back some ammount of child support from a previous marriage...so basicly if i can't get in,he can't get out,how can we reunite our fam?is there a way 2 appeal 2 a court or a judge?thank u so much for ur help
    5. macon
      Raevsky can you check the 'Dual Citizenship' thread please? I have a question for you there that requires an urgent answer. Please help.
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