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    N600 - Receipt details at SFO field office

    I have the same situation. I filed the N-600 for my 3 little sisters at the SFO DO and I only got a transaction receipt for the fee paid. It has been a couple months now.
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    DC Resident (Placed in the oath scheduling que) QUESTION

    Hello Forum, After passing my interview at the Fairfax office, I was requested to send some documents proving my DC residency. I sent them last month, now I got an email and update online saying that "My application has been placed on the oath scheduling que". Now, my question is: Would I...
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    Fairfax Citizenship interview and N-14 Proof of current residence

    Hello forum, I went to my N-400 interview this past 8/16, I passed everything. But the officer needed proof of my current residence since I still have my CA drivers license. I have been working for an international organization in DC for the last 5 years. I didn't know I would need proof...
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    DC/VA Resident and Same day Oath

    Hi forum, I have my interview very soon at the fairfax office. When I filed my N400 i lived in DC, now I live in FAIRFAX VA, should i tell the officer of my new address at the interview? Would I be eligible to do a same day oath? since I'm a Fairfax resident now? or for oath purposes I am...
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    N-400 Interview at Fairfax, VA - Sam day oath? Recent Experiences?

    Hello Forum, Im having my citizenship interview on tuesday after almost 7 months from application date. Im a resident of the District of Columbia and my interview is scheduled at the Fairfax location. Questions: 1. Does anybody has knowledge or recent experience about this office doing...
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    chance to shorten time to file i485 after asylum granted

    1. There is no way to shorten the 1 year wait period. 2. No, your travels will not affect your dependent's status 3. All Puerto Rico flights are DOMESTIC... I have been there several times, call your airline or CBP 800 number...
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    Asylee marrying

    What will happen if she marries any F1 student after she comes to the United States? Nothing. She is free to marry anybody. Will she jeopardize her asylee status when she will marry him or if they got married then they can apply together for the Green Card after one year? 1. No at all...
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    UN Laissez-Passer insteed of a RTD or Reentry Permit

    Hello, I have a question regarding using a UN Laissez-Passer insteed of a RTD or Reentry Permit. My case is the following: I work for an international organization in DC and in the next few months I will be traveling in an official trip for my organization. I am a U.S. Permanent Resident, I...
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    asylum for h1b

    You marry her 5 days before she applied for asylum? umm thats suspicious...
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    marrying someone who is on assylum ( 10 years of EAD )

    It seems like you are only interested in THE IMMIGRATION BENEFITS that she can give you.... She wont be able to help you with that until she becomes a US citizen... which will be in another 6 to 7 years...
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    Received my RTD and it is good for two years.

    Thats very interesting CPA... maybe you are the lucky one... or maybe CIS changed its rules.... I hope they did it... that way everybody can enjoy the 2 years RTD. If its possible, could you please scan the first page of your RTD... (wipe out your personal info - of course)... that would be...
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    Received my RTD and it is good for two years.

    Not true. You can apply for EITHER a RTD or a RP when you are a PERMANENT RESIDENT. It is the law and my experience.
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    Asylee hiv+ Traveling abroad while pending AOS with Valid RTD????

    You are Okay to travel abroad and return to the U.S. with no problems at all. I have a relative and several cases at work similar to your case and none have had any problem while entering the U.S.
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    Members who obtained GC through asylum visited COP

    Tributeblinky, Those rules apply for indviduals with asylum... not permanent residents.
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    Misdemeanor conviction and grounds of deportation

    Hello Everybody, Ok, so I need information in the situation that one of my relatives is experiencing. This person, a retired doctor from another country, ex-asylee, now permanent resident falsified a "medicine prescription form" for himself and tried to obtained it from a pharmacy. The...