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    post it in the forum Jay----nobody knows you there

    post it in the forum Jay----nobody knows you there
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    Doing the oath without scheduled oath date possible?

    You can always ask to be postponed so that you get to be naturalized together. Also, INFOPASS is the better option, as calling the 1-800 number goes to a location other than where the files are located and to folks who are not allowed to make any decisions. In your post you listed an...
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    Name change document error

    You need to submit proof of this "change" that took place in your home country. It needs to be official. Try asking the Law Library of the Library of Congress if they have this information already written-up. Below from: The Law Library of Congress 101...
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    Oath Ceremony in DC with government shutdown.

    USCIS does not rely on appropriated funding, they rely on user fees (the money YOU paid to file forms). USCIS does not shutdown, the ONLY exception is E-verify which is separately funded. However, where either you or USCIS is reliant upon another agency which is shutdown, delays may be caused...
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    Getting Green Card Through Investment

    You are asking the wrong questions at this juncture. You need to learn the basics of EB-5 in order to locate a suitable investment vehicle. Watch out for scams and fraudulent claims. Investor Alert of 10/01/2013- Investment Scams Exploit Immigrant Investor Program is found at...
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    It is highly likely that the baby will be allowed in and then one of the parents must file the I-130 and I-485, plus do the medical exam etc.. However, upon I-485 approval the baby will be a USC so NO I-864 is required. If an N-600 is immediately filed after I-485 approval (showing only the...
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    Immigrant retirees

    EB-5 is NOT a retiree visa. It demands a million dollar investment and the creation of 10 full-time jobs for legal U.S. workers (excluding the investor and family members from the job count). EB-5 investors have to show significant wealth that would exclude them from any medical assistance...
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    EB5 visa with hotel investment. (closed business purchase)

    This is a complex question to answer. More details are required. Matter of Soffici, 22 I&N Dec.158 (AAO 1998), tells of an EB-5 investor who simply bought a Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge. While what you describe is a situation where the name would change, it seems that little else would. The...
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    N-400 for 9 yrs old

    While it is currently TRUE that a derivative citizen (child of a naturalized parent) can apply directly for a passport, it is more complicated that most people want to deal with and takes longer than a regular passport adjudication. The State Department has stated that they intend to publish...
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    EAD Issue

    ALL asylum related EADs are processed at the Nebraska Service Center. Their posted processing times are: June 8, 2013 for a (c)(8) EAD (pending asylum application/case) AND "3 Months" for the approved asylum [(c)(8)] EAD--Because you don't require an EAD if actually granted asylum, it just...
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    Asylum Approved Refugee Travel Document

    It probably depends on your country of birth and/or citizenship. You need to consult the Canadian Immigration folks about that. SEE: Enter you native country in the search box (there is a drop-down list). IF you need a visa you will also...
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    Bona Fide Marriage Docs - for AOS interview

    The evidence expected by USCIS is highly variable based on YOUR situation and timeline of events. Without that basic information, it is nearly impossible to advise you about the evidence that you have listed or what might appear to be MISSING from USCIS' point-of-view. For instance, IF you...
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    EB-1 EA chances

    The number of articles is low. It would depend on the "significance" of the articles. Is 300 citations high or low or just average for the particular field of endeavor? Reviewing 35 articles would likely meet the criterion in the regs, as long as we are not talking about a college...
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    US citizen marrying an Indian Citizen living in india

    You are intending to on committing fraud and you will fail.