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  • hi Big Joe5, I have been arrested for DV on my GF, I have my court hearing in April. I'm in texas . What will be the outcome of this case and is it CIMT?
    Hi msrini37, how are you? I am in the same boat like you. did you go for stamping after your incident and can u pls share ur experience? thank u very much.
    We received 6/26 a G-56 form that states you have an appt. ... ask for on duty deportation officer. Reason for appt. is immigration status review change of address to report. We think you could help us understand. first interview. told 85% good. Will give to supervisor for approval. . We called our lawyers.. said to take specific items with us. They would not be attending because of the cost.

    I was arrested for Domestic Assault on my spouse. I have court hearing on march.We both decided to settle this as smooth as possible.

    What are my options as per the case and immigration (i have i-140 approved and waiting for the dates to become current)?.
    What are good lawyers in VA?.
    what will be outcome of the case?.

    Please advise and your help on this is much appreciable.

    Hi nzx206, how are you? I am in the same boat like you. did you go for stamping after your incident and can u pls share ur experience? thank u very much.

    Im a US citizen, applied I-130 and its pending for my sister.
    She, her husband and two kids have B2 visa for the rest of the year.
    They want to come visit me in US from Ukraine (Crimea, I guess its Russia now).
    Is there chance that they would not be allowed to enter US? Or everything is fine?

    Thank you very much!
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    Dear big Joe,
    Applicants for naturalization consider themselves lucky when they reach to this forum, as a lot of specialized attorneys don't provide accurate advices.
    I have some questions regarding applying for my naturalization, must i post for all or can i send it to you in person?
    I appreciate your advice in advance.
    Hello BigJoe5,

    I received my DV green card and have notice that one of my first name is missing(exemple:JEAN instead of JEAN ROBERT), obviously ROBERT is missing. I received my SSN(social security number) with the right first name JEAN ROBERT as mentioned on my birth certificate.

    I have also noticed that my canadian passport (where my my green card visa was issued) missed also ROBERT. I immediately took an appoitment with the nearest canadian embassy to correct it and they did after checking my birth certificate and other relevant documents: they said all my canadian documents have all my first name correctly written (JEAN ROBERT) and the agent who issued my canadian passport 3 years before forgot ROBERT. Now I have a new canadian passport with the corrected first name JEAN ROBERT .

    Do I have to pay the fee $450 when filling the I-90 form? and how can I explain my case to the USCIS in order to have my GC replaced ?
    I deeply need your help. Thanks in advance.........
    Hi BigJoe5,
    Thanks very much for the reply, I just have some key questions for you, hope you could give me some advice

    1. Am I still in status in that 30 days after the denial date (the date on the denial letter), if so, I file the MTR in that 30 days, that means the case is pending and I am still in status, right?

    2. The final denial date of my E-2 is 03/09/12, and the denial date for F-2 is 03/12/12. I already booked the flight and ready to depart the USA on 05/07/12, I know it is absolutely less than 180 days. Do you think it is better to file the MTR for F-2 before 05/07/12 or just stay until leaving?

    3.I am a DV-lottery winner, and ready to have my interview at the American consulate in my home country, do you think even I have one day of out-of-status, that would affect the decision of my interview?

    Appreciate your response!
    I wonder if you could help me with some questions.
    I hold H1 visa, I had that for 5 years, and I am considering starting my own business. I was under the impression that a physician could start his own office in underserved area on H1 visa after completion of 3 years employed on guaranteed salary. This H1 visa is expiring and I cannot extend that with my employer due to expiration of contract and inability to pay. My green card application is being denied. If I start my own business who is supposed to help me to get a green card.
    The other question is if I buy a house USCIS may be more interested to help me to get naturalized and if I decide to return to my country, I have some savings, I need to take my savings to my country. Am I supposed to pay tax when taking large amount of money to overseas?
    Thank you very much for your time and understanding.
    Hi bigJoe,
    I am impressed by your bio. I am glad that we have someone like you in this forum who has worked with the uscis.
    Have a good day
    I am NOT an attorney but have legal training through years of service in the U.S. Government. I finished near the top of my class at FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center). I am very well versed in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). I am especially well acquainted with naturalization and citizenship laws. I wrote the training material on citizenship claims (N-600) for INS/USCIS. I am very familiar with the obscure aspect of N-400, N-336, N-565, N-300 and the N-470. I am very well versed in Criminal convictions and how they relate to Good Moral Character (GMC) in the INA.

    I am very well versed in all things EB-5 (Immigrant Investors and Regional Centers). I wrote the training material for the adjudication of EB-5 Regional Center Proposals. I wrote the 1st draft of the soon to be released new USCIS form I-924, Application for Regional Center Under the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program and most of the Instructions.
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