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    I would contact the consulate/embassy immediately to plead for EXPEDITED service in the event that a visa becomes available and there are time contsraints on travel due to late term pregnancy. Talk to her OB/GYN and the airline about any potential travel restrictions due to the medical status of mother and/or child. Don't leave these details for the last minute. The DV status must be obtained before the end of the fiscal year (new FY begins Oct 1st). Please use the Private Message function rather than the Visitor Message function in future.
    You may have a problem if she is unable to 1.) be reached in time to travel before the numbers run out 2.) if the baby is born early and needs to be added it could be an issue if the child can just be brought along and processed at the port of entry vs. requiring a visa him/herself {that will depend on if your wife gets the visa in her passport before or after giving birth} of course if 3.) she arrives in the U.S. still pregnant the baby will be born a USC. Time is definitely the major issue in this case. I hope things work out.
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