Part-time Online Job with K1 visa only

I am married now and my K1 visa already expired. We are going to apply for the AOS for a CR1 visa and EAD (Employment Authorization Document) soon. I have an online part-time teaching job based in China. Would it cause me trouble since I do not have work authorization yet? Thank you.


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You're not technically applying for a visa from an AOS. You'd be applying for Conditional Resident status based on your marriage to a USC. An online job based overseas is in a legal grey area imo, but others may chime in. You obviously cannot work for a US based employer without an EAD and an SSN.


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It’s a grey area indeed. I’ve seen some people insist that working remotely and being paid overseas is fine. A friend of mine however was told unequivocally by her immigration lawyer that, having done exactly that (worked online and been paid offshore), that she was in violation of her non-EAD status. She then had to indulge in some fancy footwork to be able to adjust status.

You have to declare the income to the IRS irrespective of what your opinion is.


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