k1 visa

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    K-1 expedited request for fiance whose is nursing my biological baby (US citizen via CRBA)

    Hello I have a daughter (US citizen) and a fiance (non-Us citizen). My daughter is just 11 months old and still nursing. I have already applied K1 visa for my fiance in August. However, in the country they live now, we couldn't find essential baby vaccinations (even though we got most of them)...
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    Traveling abroad BEFORE entering the US

    Hey all, My fiancée and I live in France together. I'm a US citizen so I am the petitioner wanting to bring my fiancée into to the US so we can live there together. Once our visa is approved, BEFORE moving to the US, we would like to take a vacation to Thailand since my fiancée won't be able...
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    Casting New Season of "90 Day Fiancé"

    Hi there, TLC's "90 Day Fiancé" is casting it's new season and is seeking interesting and dynamic couples! Have you already applied for the K1? This is your chance to document your story. Please send submissions to k1showcasting (at) gmail.com
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    Fiancé visa question

    I have a question regarding fiancé visa. My girlfriend who I intend to marry is a citizen of one country but has temporary residency and lives in another country. Could I file the fiancé visa for her when she resides in another country? Or would she have to return to her home country? Any...
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    Part-time Online Job with K1 visa only

    I am married now and my K1 visa already expired. We are going to apply for the AOS for a CR1 visa and EAD (Employment Authorization Document) soon. I have an online part-time teaching job based in China. Would it cause me trouble since I do not have work authorization yet? Thank you.
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    k1 visa , asylum , after trump?please read and give suggestions

    i was a muslim and left islam 5 years ago and became christian, applied for asylum on that base ,as my country is very religious and i have fear of procecution... so asylum got approved, i got green card and becoming citizen in 5 months, praise the lord. problem is that my girlfriend is back...
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    Successful K1 Visa (I-129 f) Expedite Request

    Just wanted to let people know that it IS possible to get the I-129f processed in an expedited basis. (Note that this is just the I-129 f part of the whole K1 visa process - but it normally is the longest part) My Fiancee lives in a country that was struck by a natural disaster, so I requited...
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    Applying for other Visas while K1 is processing

    Hello all, I am a US citizen living in the US and my girlfriend is a Czech Republic citizen. She came to the US back in August 2015 on an ESTA visa (3 month VISA) and during that time, we met. She then overstayed the ESTA visa for 175 days (we were aware of the 180 bar). She is now back in the...