1. whhv

    AOS 864 joint sponsor RFIE for evidence of current income? How?

    My spouse and I currently are currently unemployed, so I asked my relative for a joint sponsor. The joint sponsor owns a small company, has no employees, and works as a housing agent. But the majority of his income comes from the rent he collected from his tenants, so he doesn't have any W-2...
  2. I

    Applying for 485/AOS with previously Dismissed Domestic Violence Charge

    Hello, I was arrested on Domestic Violence Charges and my case was dismissed. I see that when filing I-485 it is asking for questions about arrest, charges etc. I understand I have to say Yes. I am going through a stressful time thinking about the consequence of applying for I-485 with a...
  3. A

    Dv lottery consular processing AOS

    Dv lottery Hi I have dual citizenship of turkey and Canada ,I come here with b2 ,I apply for “ u “visa ( crime victim visa ) my b2 out of time since 2017,after while I apply u visa I find out I won diversity lottery for 2020 and because I am out of status ,few lawyer told me you cann not...
  4. B

    Change of Status (F VISA TO GREEN CARD BASED ON MARRIAGE) Initial Request of Evidence Saying Income is Not Enough!

    Hello, I am on F1 Student Visa and changing to Green Card based on Marriage. I got an Initial Request for Evidence saying we need a joint sponsor but on the 2nd page it said my wife's income is sufficient but no evidence was provided and asked for (Tax returns, W2's, Paystubs...) and the same...
  5. T

    Do I have the right idea regarding I 864 Affidavit of Support?

    Hello everyone I'm planning to be a joint sponsor for my son. My daughter in law (USC, the sponsor/petitioner) is sponsoring my son (beneficiary) but her income wasn't enough as seen on their joint tax income return 2018. He's still waiting for his EAD. I've lived with them since October of...
  6. C

    F2A Current AOS Spouse of LPR

    Hello, my questions related to AOS for Spouse of LPR. If the spouse is in the country on valid dual intent non immigrate status and he/she is able to adjust status based on current priority dates, and than his/her non immigrant visa status expires before the green card interview, can the...
  7. J

    Health Insurance - AOS - Missed Open Enrollment

    Hello, I am adjusting status from F1 Student to Green Card through marriage (filed in May 2019) and would like to get health insurance while I wait for my green card (fingerprints approved - waiting on work permit). I would like to get health insurance but unfortunately open enrollment closed...
  8. L

    Affidavit of Support (AOS) fee for 2 applications?

    Hi Everyone, I am doing 2 applications of GC at the same time, one for each of my parents. While they are separate, they are linked since they go together. I wanted to know if I had to pay the AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT (AOS) fee twice or just once? If just once, how do I show that I already paid it...
  9. A

    immigration(dv lottery /asylum) lawyers

    Im looking for a suggestion on an experienced immigration( dv lottery and asylum) lawyers. there are so many lawyers, that its hard to find out which one is good. any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.
  10. M

    Part-time Online Job with K1 visa only

    I am married now and my K1 visa already expired. We are going to apply for the AOS for a CR1 visa and EAD (Employment Authorization Document) soon. I have an online part-time teaching job based in China. Would it cause me trouble since I do not have work authorization yet? Thank you.
  11. N

    AOS for dependent spouse who did unauthorized work

    I am on H1B visa married to a person on F1 visa. Recently I found out that my husband has been working for an year on his F1 visa outside of the campus illegally and getting paid under the table in cash. He says that he has never used his SSN for his employment neither has he collected any...
  12. S

    if asked ' why AOS now after entered with B2 as visitor to GC as permanent residence?'

    if the AOS applicant has no PCI (pre-conceived Intent) to stay permanent when entering - just visiting and touring, why then apply for GC after entering now for 3 months? Can the B2 (10 years and 6 months each entry) visitor really say no PCI then but now changed the decision after entering...
  13. R

    I485 to counselor processing

    My wife's I485 was applied following my I140 approval and priority date. But she had to go to India before her I485 could be approved (or AP approved) and before biometrics. In the meanwhile, my GC got approved. So she needs to do counselor processing outside before she can enter. Can she...
  14. M

    Not renewed the I-94, can it be an issue on the I-485 interview?

    The B2 visa holder married with US citizen. Applied concurrently for I-130/I-485 AOS for marriage on November 8, 2016. The I-94 expired 12/26/2016. Invited for the i-485 interview in the end of February 2017. Is this ok she did not apply to renew her I-94 before it was expired? Thanks in advance.
  15. M

    help requestforinitilevidence affidavit of support

    Dear all i am currently in the us filed for aos in ocober and received a request for initial evidence. in the letter they have highlighted the form i864 with my mothers na,e who is my immigration petitioner. i am an unmarried children category of a usc. my mom does not receive income so she...
  16. M

    Chart B interview

    Hi All, Has any one filed AOS based on the “Dates for Filing Applications” from the visa bulletin, and had an interview scheduled or attended? I have applied for AOS based on chart B back in October and just had the bio-metrics yesterday.
  17. M

    AOS based on chart B does it require medical exam?

    The USCIS has approved adjustment of status based on chart B in their October bulletin. I have two questions, and I appreciate the help; 1- Do I have to submit form I693 (medical exam) although my green card is not current and I know those exams are valid for one year only. 2- In form I485...
  18. T

    GC through marriage... living apart, though.

    I'm DACA approved/B2 expired and I've been dating a USC for a year and four months... he proposed a month and a half ago, and we want to have a state wedding soon (planned for the same date as my parents' anniversary, too!). We are absolutely in love, anyone who knows us can testify to this, we...