1. E

    Job Switching on ead "computer systems analyst"

    Hello All, My EAD was approved on 2013 for Feb 2010 priority date filed by my employer under "computer systems analyst". Now I read many places that this category is subject of denials. So my question is: 1. Can I switch job right now on EAD still being filed on current job category? 2. If so...
  2. M

    Two different ead applications

    Hi, I'm on L2 visa and applied for renewal in June and current ead is expiring on 30th. In the mean time we filed for aos and now I have a 2nd receipt for i797c with a receipt date of 11th of Oct. 2nd receipt is c09 category. Can I use the 2nd receipt to continue working as it comes with 180...
  3. raunaklakhwani

    EAD for spouse

    I am here on L1B visa. I recently got married and my wife visa(L2 dependant) got approved. She is planning to be here permanently from December 2019. However she is planning to come here for 2 weeks in the month of September. Question : Can I get her EAD process started when she comes here in...
  4. R

    How H4 EAD is affected by H1b+i140 transfer

    My husband’s i140 got approved in 2017. He got his H1 extension approval in Sep 2018 and it expires in Sep 2021. I am on H4 visa and recently applied for my EAD card. Got approved and valid till Sep 2021. Now my husband has to change his job. I would like to know how this affects my H4 visa and...
  5. B

    Asylum Questions

    Hello! I have couple of questions related to Asylum. Please reply who has the experience or answers. 1- If initially filed alone, when & at what stage spouse can be added to the application 2- If case denied at interview, Can EAD still be renewed? 3- If case denied by IJ and the decision...
  6. DoubleAA

    The Asylum Clock and Employment Authorization for Asylum Applicants Frequently Asked Questions PDF from Heartland Alliance

    I am attaching a FAQs resource regarding asylum-based EAD I found during my research on EAD processes and asylum clock. I hope it helps.
  7. D

    I-485 Denied but I-130 Was Approved

    Hi Everyone, Thank you for reading my questions in advance. I am a permanent resident in the U.S. and I petitioned for my wife by filing I-130 while she was a graduate student and legally present in the U.S. . While I-130 was still pending we filed for I-485 based on our priority date and the...
  8. O

    Change of address while EAD renewal is pending

    Will changing my address in the USCIS system impact (extend further) the duration of my EAD application processing? Who has any experience on this? The USCIS contact center agent told me to proceed with requesting for change in address only when I have actually moved. The automated advisory...
  9. T

    Can I enter the US with L-2 visa after I and My L-1 holder went back to our country to work.

    Hi Everyone, I used to work in the USA under L-2 and with a valid EAD card. My wife and I went back to our original country and right now I wanted to go back to the USA. Can I enter the USA with the current visa ( L-1) and work at a place in the USA. Please advise and guide me. Here is the...
  10. I

    Moving from a L1A trough work, to EAD following a marriage GC application

    Hey guys and gals, I have something which I am not sure I fully understand and need some clarification, please. So I am working in the US on L1A status currently. Earlier this year I got married to a US citizen and about two months ago, I filled for a green card. I should be receiving my work...
  11. R

    F-1 OPT to Greencard (marriage)

    I am currently on my OPT that runs out Aug 2018. I am getting married within the next week to a USC. I know i can file for a temp EAD until my green card arrives but the timeline for both of these has been pushed back. Meaning alot of people are actually getting their GC before the EAD because...
  12. S

    Applying for OPT on TPS with F1 status

    I am currently on TPS with EAD for Nepal but also have been maintaining my F1 status without any gap. I am doing my Masters and will be graduating this December 2018. In 2016, I went to Nepal and entered U.S. on TPS Advance Parole Document, since my F1 visa was already expired. So, my most...
  13. Y

    Lost previous EAD card... need reference in filling I-765

    Hi, I applied for EAD in 2009, when on L2 VISA at Seattle and was granted. As the luck had it, I have lost that without no copy of it. However, it had expired long ago. I am on F1 and am applying for OPT and towards work authorization I am in the process of filling a new EAD application. The...
  14. M

    Part-time Online Job with K1 visa only

    I am married now and my K1 visa already expired. We are going to apply for the AOS for a CR1 visa and EAD (Employment Authorization Document) soon. I have an online part-time teaching job based in China. Would it cause me trouble since I do not have work authorization yet? Thank you.
  15. Q

    when to quit language school when I-765 and I-485 are being processed?

    I am a permanent resident. My wife is F1 student, still going to language school to keep her status. I-130 accepted a while ago..We submitted I765 and I485 concurrently a couple of months ago.. She gave fingerprint 20 days ago, and we are waiting to hear or receive work permit etc.. My question...
  16. J

    Stateless Person in the U.S.

    I have been in the U.S., continuously, since July 12, 1985. Long story short, married a US citizen, separated, divorced, got my HS diploma, applied for asylum, obtained college education, graduated with a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering in 1996, became a homeowner, was ordered...
  17. R

    L1B (blanket), L2 visa and EAD renewal Question ?

    Please help. I want some guidance. We are not sure about the outcome or result of one situation. Can someone help ? I am on L1-B(blanket petition) visa, which is going to expire in March 31, 2018. And my wife’s L2 EAD is going to expire on March 18, 2018. We are planning to go for L1/L2 visa...
  18. S

    On H1 and move to EAD

    Hi, I have been with my current employer for more than 10 years. I am currently working on H1B (EB2) and my employer had applied for my GC. I am still waiting on AOS and my PD is Oct 2009. I got my first EAD/AP almost 5 years back but always worked on H1. Now I am thinking of moving to a...
  19. T

    INITIAL EAD in 2017

    Hi everyone, I've read so many success stories here that I smiled each time someone announced "I finally got my EAD" ... I'm honestly hoping that would happen for me as well. We all know the situation is so bleak now and nobody knows what's going on or what the recently signed EO restricts...
  20. R

    EAD based on pending asylum - gap between two EADs

    Is there an official link/document/rule i can show to the employer in the interim until my new EAD arrives? I have applied for EAD renewal and might arrive after my current one expires.