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    If she was admitted as an LPR she would have had an immigrant visa that got stamped on entry. That’s all that CBP does on entry, they weren’t supposed to give her any “documentation”. What happened to her passport? That would have held the evidence of her entry as LPR.
  2. Why would they have admitted her as an LPR and not a citizen if she has a citizen father?
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    This is why I kept asking you what status she entered on....

    If she wasn’t registered as a citizen at a consulate abroad, and you said she wasn’t, then that’s how it works. (Not every US citizen is able to pass on citizenship to a child born abroad by the way - it’s not automatic as you seem to assume, although it probably would have been fine in this case if the father had registered her.) So if she is not registered as a citizen (in which case she would obviously have entered on a US passprt), then as a child of a citizen she gets an immigrant visa but basically becomes a citizen when she arrives in the US, if she is arriving permanently.
  4. Anyways... moving on. I'm still curious to know other folks N600 timelines
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    6 months. I was just told by my kid brother

    He had to get it for Military Reasons.

    Used his American passport 17 years as proof of citizenship though.

    That wouldve been the easier route for your friend btw.

    Price is $1170 now. Lukily you got the waiver!!

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