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    I am sorry....i did not find that a babble.....infact i am impressed by this guy's presentation....cold facts.........afterall $200k after all the expenses divided into 15 people is such a small amount.....i would not even risk anything.....

    i wonder if it has become personal between you and IV
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    Thanks for the input, IV Gestapo

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    Just in case you dont IP has been banned at IV....

    but that does not mean that i make it a personal issue to bring them down...
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    I am glad that the admin has deleted the thread where logiclife started ranting about this website etc. I agree with others (alterego and UN). We should just try to maintain peace and not respond to each other.

    Also, when the bill starts getting discussed, those of us who are here should coordinate our phone calls and try and call legislators. Let's maintain updates on that here.
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    Let's keep things in perspective.

    No. IV is not big enough to have a bill as huge as CIR or Strive introduced and passed completely on its own. I doubt if even CA, N-USA can do that.

    What IV can do is to have provisions of our interests inserted into an existing bill. So far, all laws related to immigration employment are heavily biased in favor of employers (such as not being able to change jobs on H1B). That's because employers have lobbied in past and we have not. So, unless we're on our toes, we just might end up with similarly biased provisions that help the employers more than us.

    Even if our provisions are already there, we still need to do enough lobbying to counter the efforts of those who don't want to see legal immigration.

    I know that not all people like IV, but it's the only organization that's lobbying for the employees and we still need its efforts to succeed.
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    Lobbying, calling senators - lets do whatever we can do. Some of us are not comfortable with IV language and attitude but efforts they are putting are good. Let's not go by their language or attitude and see broad vision - we all need to do whatever we could to get this pass through.
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    Well said. Let's work together to end deadly retrogression.

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    Bill Text of STRIVE Act available now on Immigration Voice

    Finally Immigration Voice got their hands on the actual 700 page bill last night from Washington DC.

    THIS IS NOT YET ON THOMAS.LOC.GOV . It will be available on Thomas on Monday or Tuesday. The bill number will be H. R. 1645 if you want to look for it on

    This is available only to very very few people and Immigration Voice is lucky to have this bill text this early before its even on Thomas.(

    A few things that pop out in the title 5 are :

    1. Sec 511 : 485 filing when visa numbers are not available.
    : 3 year extension of EAD/AP.

    2. Sec 515 : Visa revalidation within USA (so you dont have to go outside to get stamped).

    3. Sec 514 : Backlog reduction of labor files.

    We will add more on Immigration Voice website as we learn more.


    Please also read the thread about Meet-the-lawmakers drive on Immigration Voice and actively take steps to meet your congressmen and Senators during the Easter recess of Congress between 2nd and 9th April when most legislators are back home from DC in their districts.
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    please no more PMs

    I am not going to respond to these PMs, which lately have become very frequent, saying I have undermined the efforts of IV. None of my posts indicate that. I have made it clear why I left, and in the larger interests of our community, I am not going into that again.

    I do not encourage anybody to join IV, but at the same time, I have not discouraged anyone from doing so either. In fact, a post-doc in my lab was telling me about IV the other day (he is also facing retrogression). He thinks highly of it, and I said nothing to change his opinion. Actually, he probably became a member after I left IV, and so it is not as if I introduced him to it. Clearly, IV keeps getting new members, and I have no problem with it.

    I frankly don't care about IV, and I hope ppl will stop writing to me. I don't have that kind of time to respond.
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    CompeteAmerica officially said that they are opposing merit based immigration because they cannot abuse and exploit employees in that system. pathetic.
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    H1B fees are GOING UP

    Lot of action is happening now on the Immigration bill. Please join hands together in the interest of everyone and fight this bill. Please visit to see how everyone is uniting to fight.

    Sanders SA 1223: Raises the fees employers who wish to import H-1B high-skill nonimmigrant workers from $1,500 to $10,000, with the funds going to scholarships for American high tech students.

    Adopted 59-35 (PASSED) in the recent immigration bill
    Roll call vote tally :mad:

    What is going to do. So many people are in 485 and getting
    H1B extensions
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    CIR is dead. Now what has been IV's accomplishments ? What a waste of hard working guys money. It seems IV core and their "strategists" are going out tonight to get drunk...... Save your money.
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    If you are living a frustrated and desperate life, try to find a positive outlet for your feelings instead of making brainless and ludicrously stupid guesses on what others might be doing and when. Please get a life (mostly for your sake).
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    CIR is dead and VB is now all "U" and IV is still asking for money. Sheesh !!! Tell us what your strategy was for CIR. And no lawsuits aren't going to bring you closer to GC faster.
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    What are you trying to prove here? Do please elaborate your concerns.

    Remember, Immigration Voice is the only organization that is directly addressing issues faced by highly skilled immigrants. Try stepping into the shoes of IV Team and you will understand what this is all about. Things are not easy.

    Folks - if you have not yet joined IV do so right now. You can channelize all your frustrations into positive energy and do something about it. Please visit and become a member today and help towards grassroots efforts
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    There is nothing against the organization. Its just lack of transparency in that organization that makes few people skeptical. Its personal choice.

    Just to add on few more words to this, IV has repeated mentioned that all core team members are volunteers and don't draw any salary from IV fund which I believe is 100% true. On other side IV doesn't encourage (actually brutally kill) anyone asking any details like where the consulting amount went.
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    Polite notice to all members

    Please feel free to either join immigration voice or not based on your own views. I would request that if you have any concerns with IV core team or others to take it to that site via private messages and get the matter resolved and not bring any issues to this site.

    Thanks for your understanding

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